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In 2004, Dollar Tree opened its first store in North Dakota which marked its operation of stores in all 48 contiguous states. The company also opened new distribution centers in Joliet, Illinois, and Ridgefield, Washington. In 2006, Dollar Tree celebrated its 20th year of retailing at a $1.00 price point, opened its 3,000th store, and acquired 138 DEAL stores, previously owned by SUPERVALU INC. In 2007, Dollar Tree expanded its Briar Creek Distribution Center, crossed the $4 billion sales threshold, and had a market capitalization. In 2008, Dollar Tree earned a place in the Fortune 500. By the close of 2009, the company opened a store in Washington, D.C., and purchased a new distribution center in San Bernardino, California.

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Dollar Tree  Headquarters Address Chesapeake, Virginia, United States
DollarTree  Headquarters Phone Number 1-757-321-5000
DollarTree  Official Website
Dollar Tree Corporate Website Dollar Tree Headquarters Website
Dollar Tree Corporate Server Email Dollar Tree Email
Doller Tree Head Office Online Support Dollar Tree Online Support
Dollar Tree Customer Service Number  1-877-530-8733
Facebook Page Dollar Tree Facebook Page
Twitter Page Dollar Tree Twitter
LinkedIn Page Dollar Tree  LinkedIn

Dollar Tree Board of Directors

  • Macon Brock Jr.
  • Arnold Barron
  • Mary Anne Citrino
  • H. Ray Compton
  • Conrad Hall
  • Lemuel Lewis
  • J. Douglas Perry
  • Bob Sasser
  • Thomas Saunders
  • Carl Zeithaml
  • Thomas Whiddon

Dollar Tree Leadership Team

  • Bob Sasser – Chief Executive Officer
  • Gary Philbin – Chief Operating Officer and President
  • Kevin Wampler – Chief Financial Officer
  • William Old – Chief Legal Officer
  • Robert Rudman – Chief Merchandising Officer
  • Mike Matacunas – Chief Administration Officer

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Dollar Tree Holiday Hours Open

New Year’s Day Easter Monday
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (MLK Day) Cinco de Mayo
Valentine’s Day Mother’s Day
Presidents Day Memorial Day
Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday Father’s Day
St. Patrick’s Day Independence Day (4th of July)
Tax Day Labor Day
Good Friday Columbus Day
Easter Sunday Halloween
Veterans Day Thanksgiving Day
Black Friday Christmas Eve

Dollar Tree Holiday Hours Closed

Christmas Day

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  1. I am employed by Dollar Tree Store location 5718, 917 E. Hallandale Beach Blvd. Hallandale Beach, Florida, since November 22, 2015. I have served in the capacity of Customer, Cashier and now Assistant Store Manager – Part-Time. I have had a Store Manager that did not know how to lead a team (Kesly Jacques) and now that I have a great Store Manager in (Eowyn Miller) my District Manager seems to have a problems with me. This DM is now advising my store manager to write me up for what he says he has pictures of the store not being recovered and me being rude to a customer from an email that was written a month ago. I did what was asked of me by my store manager in order not to be written up. I have made great effort to give the best customer service that I can to customer that are very rude and disrespectful to the associates that work there myself included. I have been in a car accident 2/1/18, but still reported to work on 2/2/18 as scheduled as showed then manager Kesly, my Doctors not that stated I can only stand, bend down and lift but so much due to the injuries in my back. I am still under doctors care and attending physical therapy for my accident. Being dedicated to my job, I have gone above and beyond to make sure that my store is the best that it can be. Why is my District Manager saying things against me about “I have an attitude” and that he “just does not like me” to her? Is this some personal issue that he has with me helping my New Store Manager in the effort to improve the conditions of the store? Why is he telling her that she needs to write me up for not doing what she left specific instructions for me to do when I followed her instructions to the letter. Why is he questioning people that I have trained how to do recovery and returns stating that “she does not know what she is doing?” “That I am not handling the store safe in the proper manner?” “That he has pictures of the store not being recovered and that is cause for a write up?” I am not understanding this act of vengeance in an effort to minimize my work ethic? I am going to be seeking legal counsel to find out exactly what actions on my behalf can be taken to rectify this situation. I am a loyal employee to Dollar Tree Stores. I have been since day 1, long before I became a manager looked out for the stores well being. I am now under a manager that sees the bigger picture of the store that we all see as a “team” to keep the store clean, fully stocked and as helpful as we can be as employees. If this is not the companies mission please explain to me what is? Why is someone coming into the store at night taking pictures and sending them to him? “Why is a former store manager coming into the store and walking around like he still works there?” “Why is the DM calling the current store manager the next morning and asking her whether or not she was informed of it?” “Why was the former store manager stilled employed after former store manager was informed of illegal and underhanded things that he was doing?” Why is the Operations Manager an employee that steals from the store , eat with no receipt, enter the building at all unusual hours of night and the District Manager knows about this still employed with the company?” “Why was the Operations Manager who lost his vehicle due to theft allowed to take bank deposits to the bank at 10:00pm on a bicycle?” Why was the Operations Manager who was arrested on Store Property allowed to come back to work and has continued to work in the same capacity as a Operations Manager?” I’m afraid to work in my store at night because there is no security, there are vagrants that hang around the store at all hours of night.
    I am Georgette Gibson,
    My phone number is 954-793-0398.

  2. I have been trying for a week now to get in touch with anyone at corporate office to voice a complaint about a dollar tree store. It is absurd that I can’t get in contact with anyone. If anyone could contact me back I would appreciate it.

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