Elden Ring Beginner’s Guide: How to take on The Lands Between

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The low-quality fantasy world of Elden Ring Beginner’s is a decrepit place that can make life miserable for both newcomers as well as the uncoordinated. 

Our Elden Ring beginner’s guide is the latest in a series that has been notoriously difficult to master.

It will help you navigate some of the more complex systems and mechanics while you travel through the misty landscapes of The Lands Between.

First, we’ll cover some basics that returning adventurers need to know. Then we’ll link to more detailed explanations on how to select your character and find what you need to survive.

Elden Ring Beginner's

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Elden Ring Beginner’s Guide

End all dialogue options with every NPC you speak to

The Souls series is well-known for its unusual approach to storytelling. However, not everyone will give you the silent treatment. It means that every interaction you have is precious and should always be valued.

If you have the opportunity to speak with someone, make sure you exhaust all dialogue options. These often include hints, clues and faint nudges to interesting or fascinating locations in the open.

Pay attention! The NPCs are known for not repeating the same instructions twice. They’ll continue the dialogue until you are done.

Mounts are not allowed in co-op

A friend can make your uphill battle against evil easier, but remember that three is not a lot. To move between places quickly, you can’t jump on your noble horse to get around.

This is why we recommend summoning help in areas where there are no horses, such as Legacy Dungeons or caves, tunnels, and smaller dungeons.

Mounts allow you to ride through poisonous swamps without causing any damage

Your four-legged friend can however help you navigate dangerous landscapes without gnawing at your life.

If you find a swampy area that is difficult to cross, you can mount up and go. But if you are unable to access your horse indoors, you will have to walk.

20 Strength, 20 Dex allows you to access most weapons

Variety is the spice in life. Elden Ring can also be used as the seasoning for death.

You can get a lot of pointy objects by investing 20 points in Strength and Dexterity. 

Some options may not be possible due to the higher investment required, but it is worth aiming for 20/20.

Locations NPCs refer to are marked on your map using a bright shadow

Elden Ring isn’t great at cartography. The sprawling map of The Lands Between is full of dungeons and forsaken settlements as well as monster dens.

Sometimes an NPC will point you towards a horrible location. In these cases, a shadow is added to your map that makes it very easy for you to miss.

If you believe someone has given you a tip, make sure you carefully examine the screen. NPCs will often say “north or south of this” or “south of this”, so look at your map and search for it.

Mark locations on your map regularly

Similar to the previous example, not all locations are marked on your map.

You will get lost if you don’t get into the habit of marking important or interesting places on your map. Blue columns can be placed on your map and in the 3D world. 

A glossary of icons can be used to indicate sites that have monsters/chests/etc. which you wish to return to.

The major Sites of Grace are marked by a ray of sunlight that leads away from them in the direction you desire (also visible on the Google map).

You can get a subtle push in the right direction from the major Sites of Grace. They have an arching ray of sunlight coming from them that points in the best direction for you to go.

In combat, you can’t speed travel or craft.

You would be wrong if you thought it would be so easy.

Make sure you have the right equipment before you attempt any Elden Ring encounter.

Once the baddie has you locked on, there is no quick travel to safety or making extra cheese to get through a fight.

If you are in the open and can break your line of sight or put enough distance between yourself and your enemies, you will be able to resume the battle.

To deactivate, you can shoot the flame-throwing traps found in certain dungeons.

Elden Ring, like previous games in this series, takes great pleasure in tricking players into a premature death.

Be aware of the potentially dangerous flame-throwing traps. These can be dismantled with a ranged weapons.

It is possible to time your roll to avoid the flame but you should try shooting it first.

Not all shields block all damage

It can be tempting to hide behind any piece of metal or wood you have between you and the horrible monsters in your path when the odds seem so overwhelming.

Most defensive items will not block all damage from enemy attacks. This means that you could be subject to chip damage, lengthy fights, or being squished even by larger beasts.

Protect yourself if you are a defensive player.

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Elden Ring Beginner’s FAQ

Is Elden Ring simple for beginners?

Elden Ring can be described as a difficult game. The first few hours can be very challenging due to frequent ambushes and enemies who can kill you in one hit.

What should I do in Elden Ring first?

It’s important to determine where you need to go on the critical pathway. This is Castle Stormveil. This will be evident when you light the first Site of Grace. These resting points are like Elden Ring’s bonfires, with the light coming from the top pointing you in which direction to go.

How long is Elden Ring?

You can expect a 50 to 70 hour campaign if you are focused on the straightest path to the end and don’t engage in side quests, stories or distractions.

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