Genshin Impact: Reminiscences of Seirai guide, and all Reminiscences of Seirai locations

Reminiscences of Seirai Introduction


Genshin Impact Reminiscences of Seirai requires you to take some very detailed photos of the island in order to track the ancestral memories of past residents.

Although you have a general guideline to follow, each piece of purple rock will be different. This guide will help you quickly find the right places to look.

How to start Reminiscence of Seirai?

You can travel to Seirai Island and find the place where the Warding Stone was found in Seirai Stormchasers.

It is located between the two waypoints. You’ll find a small shrine along the path if you drop down. To find the photo, investigate.

Follow the prompts to Inazuma City and speak with the appropriate people. It’s now back to Seirai Island. However, there are no quest markers to help you find your way.

Reminiscences of Seirai

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Genshin Impact Reminiscence Seirai – Photo 1 Reminiscence Seirai

Teleport to the Statue of the Seven and then go west past the shipwreck. You will find a small island with a portal, and some Hilichurls. After taking care of the ‘churls you can face the shipwreck and take your shot.

Genshin Impact Reminiscence Seirai – Photo 2 Reminiscence Seirai

Head south along the shoreline, and then climb the hill at the end of the shoreline. Use the Kamera to see the southern waters.

Genshin Impact Reminiscence Seirai – Photo 3 Reminiscence Seirai

If you have already unlocked Thunder Manifestation, this next task is easier. Follow the path to the top of the lake and descend. 

To reach the correct spot, head slightly to the west along the path that approaches the lake. Although this one can be a bit tricky, the image should help you.

Genshin Impact Reminiscence Of Seirai – Photo 4 Reminiscence Of Seirai

This is the closest to where the quest starts. Face the rock outcrop that stretches across the water by climbing up to the pin on the above image.

This concludes the how to finsih Reminiscences of Seirai Genshin impact. We have detailed guides for how to fish, how you can get The Catch and where to find Amakumo Fruit, Sara and Baal.

Reminiscences of Seirai videos

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do for Reminiscence Of Seirai?

To photograph the required landscape, you will need to stand on a hill. The second is located southwest of Koseki Village. After crossing the wooden bridge, jump on the ledge to your left. The island looks almost like a steamboat. Take a photo of it.

How can you stop lightning from striking Seirai Island?

After using all the paper charms, can restore the third Warding stone by rotating the top and bottom stones three times each. The Seirai Island Storm shrinks in size every time a Warding Stone is restored by the player.

How can I complete Reminiscences of Seirai


  1. Ask the adventurers questions. Furuya Noboru, Inazuma City.
  2. Ask Oda Tarou questions.
  3. Take photos (0/4) at Seirai Island. See Notes for more information.
  4. Send the photos to Oda Tarou

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