Pokemon Go Field Research quests | May 2022 missions and rewards list

Field Research quests


A new month is here which means that in the world of Pokemon Go, it’s time to begin the new set of Field Research quests as well as the rewards they bring. 

The ever-changing nature of these missions means they are sometimes difficult to track But luckily for us.

we’ve got it covered for you by providing this helpful checklist of the currently scheduled missions for April 2022.

The research on Pokemon Go comes in two different types. Tasks for Field Research are tasks handed out to trainers randomly.

These are the ones where the rewards and quests are changed frequently – every month at the very least, and sometimes more frequently. 

The completion of simple Field Research tasks can lead to a Research Breakthrough, which adds another reward and incentive, which generally changes each month.

The easiest to track is more manageable are the Special Research Missions. They are pre-planned story-driven mission threads that are given by Professor Willow.

which are usually locked when the game is upgraded. Once you’ve got one of them, they remain in effect until you finish it, making it less time-sensitive than regular Field Research Missions.

Pokemon Go Field Research quests

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How Pokemon Go works Field Research missions & their rewards are achieved

Field Missions for research are basically mini-quests you can get from the game as you go to Pokestops at times, and also periodically randomly. 

Each PokeStop is assigned a field research task given to it every day. Although you may finish a quest more times per day, you’ll get the exact mission at any one PokeStop. The rewards differ, based on the type of quest. They are as follows.

You are able to complete any number of field research missions as you’d like. However, you should aim to complete at minimum one quest each day to achieve a breakthrough in your research. 

The quests cover all aspects that are part of Pokemon Go and in a sense are designed to allow players to play through all the aspects that come with the game. 

Field research quests may require players to fight in a battle, fight in gyms, hatch Pokemon eggs or catch specific Pokemon kinds or spin Pokestops, and there are just some examples.

Sometimes, tasks will reward players with rewards however, other times you’ll receive the chance to experience a rare Pokemon encounter.

Field research is the only method to meet and capture Spinda for example. This is also beneficial since Pokemon caught in this manner can’t leave.

The quests and rewards that are on offer are rotated on a monthly basis in the majority of cases which means that at the conclusion of a month Niantic will take down quests and rewards, and replace them with fresh ones.

Pokemon Go Field Research List May 2022’s rewards and missions

As we’ve already explained the entire Field Research Mission System is currently on rotation. Each month is an entirely new series of events that have different objectives.

we’re planning to keep this site up-to-date to whatever the mission’s set-up is. Below are the quests you’ll see in the Field Research list for May 2022. However, be aware that these quests are handed randomly and what you get is entirely up to the chance.

Field research tasks have an element of chance of their rewards. So, you could receive more basic rewards such as Pokeballs, Stardust and other things. Every quest includes a Pokemon encounter that it is likely to reward players, but here’s an inventory of those quests and encounters:

Pokemon Catching Field Missions

Field Mission Reward
Catch 5 Pokemon Missdreavus (shiny chance)Shuppet (shiny possibility)
Duskull (shiny chance)
Catch 7 Pokemon Magikarp (shiny opportunity)
Find five different kinds of Pokemon Exeggcute (shiny chance)
Catch a Dragon-type Pokemon Dratini (shiny chance)
Bagon (shiny chance)
Find 5 Pokemon using Weather Boost Vulpix (shiny opportunity)
Poliwag (shiny chance)
Hippopotas (shiny chance)
Snover (shiny possibility)
Utilize 5 Berries to assist you in your quest to catch Pokemon Ledyba (shiny possibility)
Spinarak (shiny chance)
Yanma (shiny chance)

Throw Field Missions

Field Mission Reward
Make 5 Great Curveball Throws in a row spindle (shiny opportunity)
Make 5 Nice Throws Dunsparce (shiny chance)
Make 3 Great Throws “Snubbull” (shiny chance)
Lileep (shiny opportunity)
Anorith (all glittering chance)
Make 3 Great Throws in a row Onix (shiny possibility)
Make 3 Excellent Throws in a row Gible (shiny opportunity)
Make an Excellent Throw Dratini (shiny chance)

Battle Field Missions

Field Mission Reward
Win a Raid Galatian Zigzagoon (shiny opportunity)
Get a level 3 or more raid Omanyte (shiny chance)
Kabuto (shiny opportunity)
Win 5 Raids Aerodactyl (shiny chance)
Battle in the GO Battle League Mudkip (shiny chance)

Management & Evolution Field Missions

Field Mission Reward
Evolve a Pokemon Eevee (shiny opportunity)
The power of a Pokemon three times Bulbasaur (shiny chance)
Charmander (shiny chance)
(shiny chance) (shiny chance)
The power of a Pokemon five times Chikorita (shiny opportunity)
Cyndaquil (shiny chance)
Totodile (shiny chance)
The power of Pokemon seven times Treecko (shiny possibility)
Torchic (shiny opportunity)
Mudkip (shiny chance)
Earn 5 hearts by playing with your partner Pikachu (shiny chance)
Earn a Candy walking with your friend Lillipup (shiny opportunity)
Earn 2 Candy while walking with your friend Bunnelby (shiny opportunity)
Earn 3 Candy points by walking with your friend Stunfisk
Purify 1 Shadow Pokemon Carvanha (shiny chance)
Send 3 Gifts and add a Sticker to Each Jigglypuff (shiny chance)
Trade a Pokemon Karrablast
Spin 3 Pokestops or Gyms Sudowoodo (shiny chance)
Spin 5 Pokestops or Gyms Ralts (shiny opportunity)
Trade a Pokemon Machop (shiny possibility)
Snap a photo of an unnatural Pokemon “Hoppip (shiny chance)
Yanma (shiny chance)
Murkrow (shiny possibility)
Take a snap of a wild water-type Pokemon Remoraid (shiny possibility)

Egg Hatching Field Missions

Field Missions Rewards
Hatch an Egg Mantine (shiny chance)Klink (shiny possibility)
Hatch 2 Eggs Beldum (shiny chance)

Field Research Breakthroughs & Stamps explained

As you can see on the screen of field missions within Pokemon Go, there are stamps that add as many as seven stamps. 

There is only one stamp per day for the completion of multiple missions, so the stamps are intended to last for a week. 

Once you’ve reached the seventh stamp day, you’ll get a research Breakthrough which is represented in the game by the huge envelope by Professor Willow.

What will be included in the boxes varies every month along with other research bonuses and rewards, including the possibility for a Sinnoh or Unova Stone evolution item to drop. 

Additionally each month, this research breakthrough’ will include an actual Pokemon encounter. You can also make an unlimited number of attempts to catch.

since Pokemon that are encountered this way cannot escape. If you’ve got patience and Pokeballs, it’s possible to continue to try until you’ve caught them.

It’s a great spot to learn how to master throws and curveballs in Pokemon Go, too. Pokemon who are caught this way will also be naturally good stats.

They’re similar to the stats you’ll discover on Pokemon that you encounter in raid battles. In the end, it’s a fantastic method of catching rare Pokemon.

The reward for May 2022 will include a meeting with Alolan Grimer. In addition to an opportunity to participate in the Pokemon encounter.

every research breakthrough earns the user Stardust, XP, and an assortment of other items, such as a chance to get the Sinnoh Stone or Unova Stone evolution item.

Past Research Breakthrough Rewards

To keep it in the past For your reference, here are the most recent field research breakthrough rewards presented as part of Pokemon Go – just so you’re aware of what you have been missing.

Research Breakthrough rewards in Pokemon Go

  • May 2018: Zapdos (electric-themed research)
  • June 2018: Articuno (ice-themed research)
  • July 2018, Snorlax (Kanto study)
  • August 2018, Raikou (electric-themed study)
  • September 2018:Entei (fire-themed research)
  • October 2018: Suicune (water-themed research)
  • November 2018: Shedinja (bug-themed research)
  • December 2018: The Best in 2018 (all prior Pokemon)
  • January & February 2019: Legendary Birds
  • March & April 2019: Raikou, Entei, Suicune, Lugia, Ho-oh, Regice, Registeel, Regirock
  • May & June 2019: Ho-oh, Lugia, Latias, Latios
  • July & August 2019: Kyogre, Groudon, Latias, Latios
  • September & October 2019: Flower Crown Eevee
  • November & December 2019: Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Kyogre, Groudon
  • January 2020: Lapras (with Ice Shard & Ice Beam)
  • February 2020: Woobat
  • March 2020: Ferroseed
  • April 2020: Alolan Exeggutor
  • May 2020: Shinx
  • June 2020: Trapinch
  • July 2020: Larvitar
  • August 2020: Scraggy
  • September 2020: Alolan Raichu
  • October 2020: Shedinja
  • November 2020: Togetic
  • December 2020: Lapras or Unovan Darumaka
  • January & February 2021: Chansey
  • March 2021: Gible
  • April 2021: Frillish
  • May 2021: Galarian Ponyta
  • June 2021: Clamperl
  • July 2021: Rufflet
  • August 2021: Chimecho
  • September 2021: Ditto
  • October 2021: Yamask
  • November 2021: Vullaby
  • December 2021: Deino
  • January 2022: Onix
  • February 2022: Espurr
  • March 2022: Alolan Vulpix
  • April 2022: Alolan Marowak
  • May 2022: Alolan Grimer

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Pokemon Go have random field research?

There are two types of research in Pokemon Go. Field Research tasks give quests to trainers at random. These are where rewards and quests change frequently – at least monthly, but sometimes more frequently.

How can I locate a particular Field of Research in Pokemon Go?

Field Research covers almost all activities in Pokemon GO. You can find these tasks by visiting PokeStops and you can complete many of them every day. Even for the same task, there are different rewards. These can include Stardust, almost any item and even an encounter with wild Pokemon.

Is there a next Pokemon Go Field Research?

Pokemon Go for May 2020 has new Field Research Tasks and Encounters. Shiny Pokemon can be captured by trainers. For May 2022, Pokemon Go will offer a new set of Field Research Tasks and Encounters.

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