Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Grand Underground: Digging. Statues. Items. Encounters

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Introduction


Grab your shovel, spelunking gear and grab your shovel. The Grand Underground returns mechanic has been greatly expanded in Shining Pearl and Pokemon Brilliant.

The Grand Underground has a wealth of subterranean secrets that the Sinnoh region can discover as if it were not enough.

The Grand Underground may be familiar to some players who have played the original games.

However, there are many new features and things that can be found along with the old ones. The Secret Base mechanic is the most popular.

There are also beautiful Pokemon Statues, tons of Hideaway Pokemon Enters, and simple ways to farm useful objects.

There are many interesting things in the Underground, and there are also different Pokemon Hideaways that you can find.

We’ll cover everything about the Grand Underground in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond, Shining Pearl, and how to get there.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond

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How can you unlock the Grand Underground in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond or Shining Pearl?

The Grand Underground is accessible first from Eterna city, where Shining Pearl and Brilliant Diamond live. It’s home to Shining Pearl’s second Gym Leader: the grass-type user Gardenia.

The Underground Man can be found in the house near the Pokemon Center. The Explorer’s Kit unlocks the Grand Underground.

What are the different areas of the Grand Underground?

The Grand Underground has been rearranged in Shining Pearl and Brilliant Diamond remakes. However, it is now divided into six areas with different layouts than the original games.

These six areas can be accessed from:

  • Twinleaf Town
  • Eterna City
  • Celestic Town
  • Snowpoint City
  • Sunyshore City
  • After the Elite Four, The Fight Area

Each of these 6 areas has different biomes and different Pokemon Hideaways. This means that you will encounter different Pokemon in each area. To reap the rewards of your adventure, be sure to explore each one.

The normal tunnels will be visible when you enter the Underground for the first time. Here you can dig for items or plan your Secret Base.

The mini-map shows you the question marked rooms where you can find powerful additions to your team.

Although they are question marked at first, once you have entered them, you will be able to see what kind of Hideaway each time you return.

There are 17 types of Hideaway that you can find as you explore:

  • Grassland Cave
  • Spacious Cave
  • Rocky Cave
  • Fountainspring Cave
  • Volcanic Cave
  • Big Bluff Cavern
  • Riverbank Cafe
  • Sunlit Cavern
  • Swampy Cave
  • Still-Water Cavern
  • Typhoon Cavern
  • Bogsunk Cavern
  • Sandsear Cave
  • Icy Cave
  • Whiteout Cave
  • Glacial Cavern
  • Amazing Cave
  • Stargleam Cavern

The “Caves”, which are small rooms with question marks, are located at the ends of the paths. The “Caverns” are larger rooms with more questions.

How can you dig into the Grand Underground?

It is easy to dig in the Grand Underground by interfacing with the shiny, glinting points that run along the walls.

You will receive blue clawhammer and a red mallet as part of your Explorer Kit. You must find all of the treasure hidden in the mini-game.

While the mallet uncovers more blocks it causes a larger cave-in. The blue claw hammer is slower at destroying the tunnel, but it reveals more blocks.

To locate your items, first, remove any blocks from the wall using the blue hammer. Next, smash them with the red mallet.

You can’t go overboard with the wall and it will fall, leaving you only with the loot that you have found.

There are many items out there, so don’t be too concerned about taking your time and chipping away at every block. There’s always next time.

How can you create Secret Bases in Grand Underground?

You will need a Drill to make a Secret Base within the Grand Underground.

They cost 10-20 Spheres depending on where you shop.

Then decorate your Secret Base using items and Pokemon Statues. We’ll talk more about this below.

What Pokemon can I find at the Grand Underground?

You can find your Pokemon Hideaways in the Grand Underground and you can get your version of the exclusive Pokemon like Murkrow and Scyther in Brilliant Diamond and Magby, Pinsir, and Teddiursa Shining Pearl.

These areas are also home to visible Pokemon, which can be seen roaming about like in recent games. You’ll also unlock new encounters as you play the game and earn more Gym Badges.

The Pokemon community has done extensive research into what these encounters are like in this embedded video by HybridHero.

After you have completed the main game by defeating Elite Four you can unlock many more Pokemon via the Grand Underground.

These include fan-favourite starter pokémon from the 4 first game generations. This includes Bulbasaur.

Charmander and Squirtle Totodile and Chikorita and Cyndaquil Treecko and Mudkip, and Turtwig and Piplup.

What items are available in the Grand Underground?

Not only are there cool Pokemon to be found in the Grand Underground but also tons of rare and powerful products.

Here are some options:

  • Trade spheres with underground shopkeepers
  • Trade shards with the Route 212 weather researcher for TMs
  • Heart Scales can trade with Move Tutors
  • Elemental plates that increase the power of this type of attack
  • You can use Mysterious Shards to obtain Pokemon Slates in post-game
  • Fire, Water and Sun Stones
  • The Oval Stone that transforms Happiny into Chansey
  • To stop your Pokemon evolving, you can use Everstones
  • Weather-extending items such as the Damp, Smooth, or Heat Rocks
  • Light Clay that extends Light Screen
  • Pokemon Fossils
  • Money items like Star Pieces
  • We’ll be talking more about Pokemon Statues later.

This is the best way to farm basic elements and Moon Stones in Diamond and Pearl.

Here is a page that explains how to obtain the Dusk, Dawn and Shiny Stones.

What are the Grand Underground’s Pokemon Statues?

If you have ever loved Pokemon cards as much as they did, then you will know that collecting Pokemon merchandise can be just as fun as earning your badges.

In Shining Pearl and Brilliant Diamond, a bit of the collect-a-thon bug has been introduced to the games.

Participating in the Grand Underground digging mini-games gives you the chance to find special boxes. These boxes contain Pokemon Statues that you can display in the Secret Base.

This will give you an additional chance to encounter certain types of Pokemon during Pokemon Hideaways.

Pokemon Statue Boxes are broken down by the elemental types of Fire, Water and Grass. They also contain a representation of fan-favourite Pokemon.

You can purchase both the normal and shiny versions of each statue as well as statues for Legendary Pokemon.

Enter Pokemon Brilliant Diamond or Shining Pearl Mystery Codes to get Shiny Pokemon statues free of charge.

this includes the Sinnoh starters as well as 4th-gen Pokemon such as Lucario, Electivire and Lucario.

You get an extra bonus for the encounter rate of Pokemon when you place a Pokemon Statue into your Secret Base. The bonus is greater if you have more Pokemon Statues of the same type.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pokemon Brilliant Diamond really worth it?

is a great game for Pokemon fans and anyone looking to learn more about the series. The game is simple, but it provides everything you need at almost every moment of play.

What’s so special about Pokemon Brilliant Diamond

The primary difference between Shining Pearl and Brilliant Diamond is exclusive Pokémon. Each game has a few monsters that aren’t available in the other, including the legendary Pokemon Palkia and Dialga.

Is Pokemon Brilliant Diamond difficult?

The Shining Pearl and Pokemon Brilliant Diamond are proof that you don’t want a hard Pokemon game. Many people say they want a difficult Pokemon game. But in reality, you don’t.

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