Witcher 3 Collect Em All Quest – How To Find Every Gwent Card

Gwent Card Witcher 3 Collect Em


You can find every Gwent card in The Witcher 3 by simply looking at long tables. Instead, you can shuffle your deck to see what you have.

The Witcher 3 will be coming to Nintendo Switch. You can now play Gwent on the move, but without a deck it’sit’s not possible to get far.

Collect ”Em All is The Witcher 3’s3’s most challenging quest. We have included detailed instructions in our The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt guide and walkthrough.

It’sIt’s not that Gwent is problematic in itself (with our guide to how you kick ass at Gwent you’ll, you’ll be victorious in no time).

but that it can be challenging to keep track of what you have or what you need to do to avoid missing out on unique opportunities.

The majority of “answers to this problem” will give you a list listing every card in the game. They are sorted by faction and describe where they can be found.

It can be challenging to reconcile these lists with your current Gwent deck. This is due to the way cards are sorted in the deck menu.

There are many missing cards, so it can be frustrating to consult this list at the end of the game.

Here is my solution: A list that lists everything you need to collect every Gwent Card. This guide will help you to enjoy the Card Collector achievement notification.

Gwent Cards can be obtained in three ways, apart from the ones you are granted at the beginning of the game. You can buy them from vendors, earn them through quests, or win them during random matches. Let’sLet’s take a look at each one.

Gwent Card Witcher 3 Collect Em

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Vendors selling Gwent cards

You must buy every card available in the Northern Realms to complete your Gwent collection. This is the best way to collect cards.

CD Projekt RED has helped resolve an issue with White Orchard’sOrchard’s innkeeper after many players were unable to get the Gwent cards.

If you cannot find the innkeeper, check out the merchants near the bridge in White Orchard.

If you are looking for Gwent cards, be sure to exit the vendor’svendor’s shopfront and then come back in. Sometimes you can buy duplicate cards that way.

When looking for rare cards, having multiple Commander’sCommander’s Horn and Decoy cards can make it easier.

Here is a list of all vendors you must visit to buy every card. You can quickly gather various cards by simply trotting around all of them as soon as possible.

  • White Orchard Innkeeper
  • The innkeeper, Inn at the Crossroads Velen
  • Trader, Crow’sCrow’s Perch Velen
  • Quartermaster, Crow’sCrow’s Perch Velen
  • Midcopse and Trader
  • Trader, Claywich, Velen
  • Trader, Lindendale, Velen
  • Missable: Olivier (innkeeper), Kingfisher Inn, Novigrad
  • Marquise Serenity, Passiflora, and Novigrad
  • Novigrad, The Golden Sturgeon, Innkeeper
  • Trader, Seven Cats Inn, Novigrad
  • Cunny the Goose, Novigrad Innkeeper
  • Oxenfurt, Stjepan (innkeeper).
  • Innkeeper, Kaer Trolde Harbour, Skellige
  • Innkeeper, Uralla, Skellige
  • Innkeeper, Arinbjorn, Skellige
  • Innkeeper, Svorlag, Skellige
  • Innkeeper, Harviken, Skellige

Completing Gwent quests

You can face more difficult opponents in Gwent quests, and you will be rewarded with Gwent card you can’t find anywhere else (even though random non-PCs may use them in their decks). Here are the details on each one.

You can either fail or miss these quests or complete them without playing Gwent. However, as of patch 1.05, fail-safes have been added to most cards that you might miss if a particular character is unavailable. 

To find the NPC-specific card, you simply need to choose the Gwent quest. Follow the waypoint to get there. If you cause the Bloody Baron Velen to leave, and you don’t win a card, the card will be found in his home.

However, there is an exception. Depending on the DLC installed, Dandelion or a few other cards can be missed if you fail to win a tournament during quest A Matter Of Life and Death.

Gwent: Playing Innkeeps

This quest is available after you have completed the tutorial match in White Orchard. Battle Stepjan at Oxenfurt’s Alchemy Inn, as well as the unnamed Barkeep of the Inn at Crossroads and Olivier at Novigrad’s Kingfisher Inn. Or, you will never be able to complete this quest.

Nilfgaardian Nobleman

Although it is not listed as side quest, you will be rewarded with a card that can’t be found anywhere else. You can return to the palace at any time to beat him; it doesn’t have to be done on your first visit.

Gwent: Velen Players

This quest can be obtained by looking at the Crow’s Perch notice board. The Bloody Baron can be defeated at Crow’s Perch.

The Old Sage at Beken and the Boatmaker at Oreton will also be on your side. Each player will direct you to the next one. 

You must complete this quest by Family Matters. The Baron will leave his castle after the end of Return To Crookback Bog.

Gwent Big City Players

This quest can be obtained by playing Gwent in Vimme Vivaldi or checking the notice boards around Novigrad. 

Battle Vimme Vivaldi in Novigrad at the bank, Marquise Serenity in Novigrad at the Passiflora, Sigismund Dakstra in Novigrad’s Bathhouse.

Scoia’Tael Trader near Lucian’s Windmill. You must complete this quest before Reason for State, or you risk losing out forever.

Gwent Old Pals

This quest can be obtained by challenging Zoltan Roche or Zoltan Chivay. After reporting to him during Broken Flowers, battle Zoltan Chivay at the Thyme and Rosemary outside Novigrad; Vernon Roche.

The Temerian Partisan Camp out of Novigrad whenever he isn’t absent due to quests like A Deadly Plot and an Eye for an Eye; Lambert at The Nowhere Inn at Pulling The Thread (you need to tell him that you’ll meet him at your next goal.

then talk with him there) or at the Seven Cats Inn afterwards; and Thaler at the Seven Cats Inn or at the Seven Cats Inn. You risk losing your chance to complete this quest before the Battle of Kaer Morhen, and Reason of Stat.

Gwent: Skellige Style

Crach an Craite, or Ermion can be challenged to complete this quest. Battle Crach an Craite in Kaer Trolde; Ermion in Kaer Trolde Harbour or Gedyneith, Sjusta (barber) at Kaer Trolde Harbour and Germist The Druid at Gedyneith.

After completing the secondary quest Practice In Advanced Alchemy, “Madman” Lugos at Kaer Muire. This quest must be completed before Battle Preparations. Otherwise, you will never get the chance to complete it again.

It’s a matter of life and death

You can only get the Dandelion card and other cards by winning the three-game tournament that is optionally available during secondary quest A Matter Of Life and Death.

A Dangerous Game

To receive three cards that are not available elsewhere, complete this side quest for Zoltan Chivay. You have two options: keep the cards or withdraw the money at the end of this mission. Keep your cards.

Shock Therapy

To receive the Iorveth card, complete this quest at Gedyneith by harassing a Druid into speaking.

Gwent: High Stakes

You can start this secondary quest as soon as your arrive in Novigrad. However, you will need to have 1,000 crowns and a tournament-ready deck. 

This quest is best saved for later. You’ll need the best cards possible to win it. Warning! This quest can be easily failed. Make sure to save your backups.

 Matches win cards

You can win matches against other players to earn the remaining Gwent cards in Witcher 3. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • You can’t lose cards.
  • Each opponent can only give you one card; after that they will give you random items.
  • Randomly, the card you win comes from the pool.
  • If you win against a specific opponent, you will know if they have played before. There are many opponents, and there are many cards to collect.
  • If you are certain you are playing new characters, but are not winning cards, then you have exhausted this way of collecting. Instead, shop or do quests.

You will find opponents in every town. Check out innkeepers as well as blacksmiths and armourers.

That’s it! Not so difficult, right? You’ll get the Gwent Collect ‘Em All trophy if you complete all of the steps and quests.

If you’re looking for the best way to get into DLC, our The Witcher 3 main quest guides as well as our Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine guide are all available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can you obtain the Witcher 3 card collector trophy?

This achievement is linked to Secondary Quest – Collect All. Once you have completed the quest, the achievement will be unlocked. This is a difficult achievement to collect. There are at most 12 missable cards that have been confirmed to be tied to Secondary Quests or Gwent Quests.

Where can I find good Gwent cards for Witcher 3?

Gwent Cards for The Witcher 3

  • Midcopse merchant.
  • Lindenvale merchant
  • Claywich merchant (who must be released from a bandit camp located on an island east off Oreton).
  • Crow’s Perch trader.
  • Crow’s Perch Quartermaster
  • The Innkeeper at The Crossroads.

Are you able to farm Gwent cards in Witcher 3

No. They can’t be farm as you can only win one card from any Gwent-playing NPC. You won’t get crafting material if you play them again. There are more NPCs than you need.

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