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Lost Ark Rapport has a few key features. Rapport is a friendship system that allows players to form strong friendships with many characters from around the globe. 

What’s the deal? What is Rapport and with whom are the best NPCs for building Rapport?

We have compiled this guide to help answer your questions about Rapport. Additionally, we have listed a few characters that are worth your time and affection.

What is Rapport in Lost Ark?

Rapport simply means a friendship meter that is attached to certain NPCs scattered across Lost Ark. 

These characters can be rewarded with Rapport levels by giving gifts, singing, using emotes or completing side quests.

To see a complete list of characters with Rapport bars, go to your Rapport tab. The entire cast will be displayed for you to view, along with the possible rewards. 

The unlock requirements for each character can also be listed, which is helpful if you are unsure about how to build Rapport.

Lost Ark Rapport

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What is Rapport and its importance in Lost Ark?

While Rapport is not essential for your in-game progress ( particularly when levelling up your first character), it can be extremely useful once you reach the final stages of your Lost Ark career.

There are many cards that are elusive and can be obtained from Rapport NPCs. These cards can then be added to your Card Catalogue to grant valuable roster-wide bonuses. 

Friendly people can help you gain currency, cosmetics, skill points, and unique titles. If you compare two players who pay attention to Rapport, and one who ignores it, you will see a significant difference in their in-game performance. Rapport is crucial for this reason.

Which NPCs are the most effective to establish rapport with in Lost Ark’s NPCs?

We’ve now established the importance Rapport. Who should you begin building relationships with? Thirain is a great early-game pick. 

This is due to the incredible card potions and the huge amount of gold that he offers on lower Rapport levels. 

You will want to begin accumulating gold as soon as possible. It is an important end-game currency that can be used for player trading and the purchase of the best gear.

There are several NPCs you can choose to prioritize once you get further into Lost Ark. These include Sasha and Nineveh. 

This is because they all offer a common reward: Giant’s hearts. These extremely valuable items can be traded for skill point potions.

However, you will be building rapport with each NPC over the long-term. Each NPC has its own rewards, so you’ll eventually be chatting up the entire cast. 

After you have completed the above, we recommend choosing the rewards that you want and prioritizing the NPC that can offer them.

This concludes our Lost Ark Rapport guide. You can also read our articles on Lost Ark Trading Skills and why they are important as well as how you can get the Lost Ark Twitch drops or Lola item set.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to build rapport with Lost Ark?

You can also buy Rapport gifts from wandering merchants. Mari’s Secret Shop also has Rapport gifts. These can be used as rewards for logging in to Lost Ark. You can also get them as a reward for completing the Island Quests

Whom should I give rapport in Lost Ark?

Lost Ark’s Best Rapport NPCs
These include Giant’s Hearts and Omnium Stars as well as Island Souls/Isle Tokens.

Does the Lost Ark need a Lost Ark with a strong rapport?

Rapport, in simple terms, is a friendship meter that can be attached to certain NPCs scattered across Lost Ark. players have the opportunity to increase their Rapport levels by giving gifts, performing songs, or completing sidequests. This will give them valuable rewards.

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