Where to find High Quality Pelt in Monster Hunter Rise?

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Monster Hunter Rise High Quality Pelt is a necessary item to create a variety of high-quality armor sets for you as well as your Buddies.

It’s not very common and you’ll have greater probability to find it than other items that are rare like striped hide. This is good because recipes using High Quality Pelt will require many of them every.

Where can you find top quality Pelt Monster Hunter Rise?

Two lesser monsters provide High Quality Pelt. And they’re the same monsters which produce Warm Pelt, namely The Anteka as well as the Kelbi. It’s better to avoid the Anteka but you can ignore the Kelbi, however. 

They’re easily found within Frost Islands, but the chances of getting a High Quality Pelt from them is lower than 20 percent. Kelbi are 55% chance of delivering you the Pelts.

Premium Pelt is the top level variation of Warm Pelt This means that it’s only available to acquire it through Kelbi (or Anteka) in high-rank quests.

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Where can I where to Kelbi on the Monster Hunter Rise? Monster Hunter Rise

Kelbi play and work and play in Shrine Ruins, Sandy Plains as well as Flooded Forest, but the most convenient place to locate the Kelbi can be found in Shrine Ruins. 

Technically speaking, you can find them in the sector 8 but we’ve had the greatest success in sector 11 and 13 on the northernmost reaches of the region.

What is High Quality Pelt for in Monster Hunter Rise?

  • Here’s what you can expect to use Pelt of high-quality for:
  • Anteka Blade I (3)
  • Anteka Burst II (4)
  • Kelbi Stingshot II (4)
  • Heavy Bagpipe I (2)
  • Teddybear II (5)
  • Ploshasta II (2)
  • Bull Grunt I (4)
  • Cyclecaster (3)

It’s also utilized in a variety of top-ranking Buddy Equipment sets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Monster Hunter Rise better than the other games in the world?

While Monster Hunter: World does appear better and is more expansive, Monster Hunter Rise is a more balanced game for people who are just starting out. It’s true that it’s the lesser of the two yet it’s massive compared to many others available there.

Does Monster Hunter Rise still popular?

Recent data show that, in spite of Monster Hunter Rise being the more recent game it’s cousin, Monster Hunter: World is more popular in terms of the number of players. Both games are extremely popular and are the two top sold Monster Hunter entries, with World being the top-selling Capcom game ever.

Is there going to an PC Monster Hunter Rise?

Monster Hunter Rise on PC is merely a different method to play an amazing game. While that’s fantastic news for PC gamers who haven’t gotten into Nintendo’s gaming ecosystem, the graphics aren’t impressive even on the best of hardware. Monster Hunter Rise will be available in January. 12 on Windows PC

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