Genshin Impact best Venti build, weapon, and F2P options

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Although newer warriors might have more powerful movesets than this classic character, the  Genshin Impact best venti build is still simple.

Venti is an expert in Elemental Reactions and you will want to build him accordingly. Although F2P options in Energy are a little less, they balance Venti’s stats and make Venti useful, even without his Elemental Skill and Burst.

When will the next Venti banner be released?

Venti’s rerun will finally take place in the latest in a double-Wish affair with Kamisato. Sucrose, Xiangling and Yun Jin are the four-star characters that will be running with them both. Both banners will last for three weeks (until March 19).

Is Venti a DPS character?

Yes, but with a twist. Venti’s greatest asset is dealing elemental damage through his unique skillsets and by triggering Swirl reactions. Venti’s base damage is quite low for a five-star character. You can buff it but it’s his Skill and Burst which offer the greatest value. 

Venti’s Skill works in a similar way to Kazuha’s. It creates a vortex that launches them into the air. His Burst works almost exactly the same way, but it has a bigger scale and a vacuum effect.

Genshin Impact best Venti build

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What are Venti’s materials like?

Venti uses Slime items, Hurricane Seeds, and Cecilia flowers. Starsnatch Cliff is the only place where Cecilia can be found, just north of the Thousand Winds Temple. 

You will find fewer than 40 of them each year, so it is worth considering growing them in your Serenitea Pot’s Luxuriant Glebe.

Which Venti is the best in Genshin Impact?

Venti is one of the most important characters in the game. He has very few build options and all revolve around maximising his elemental damage.

Venti’s best weapon: Elegy for End

This bow is perfect for Venti. It has a secondary stat that increases Elemental Recharge, and a passive skill that increases Elemental Mastery. 

The wielder earns Sigils for dealing damage with an Elemental Skill, or Burst. The user’s Elemental Mastery is increased by 100 and their attack by 20% with four Sigils.

Venti’s Best Artifacts

The four-piece Viridescent Veneer set for Venti is the best. Two-piece effects increase Anemo damage by 15%. This is useful for frequent mob encounters. However, the four-piece effect is what really shines. 

Venti is indispensable for boss encounters or other difficult battles because it increases Swirl damage by an incredible 60% and reduces enemy resistance by the non-Anemo elements by 40%.

Which Venti F2P build is your favourite?

Venti’s F2P build revolves around his Energy but it also helps boost his attack.

Hamayumi is the best F2P weapon available for Venti

Venti is not able to forgeable bows. However, Hamayumi has a passive skill that can increase attack power and provide some benefits. 

It boosts normal and charged attack power, and doubles the buff if the user has Energy at 100%.

Venti F2P: Best Artifacts

The Viridescent Venererer is still a good choice for this Venti build. However, if you prefer to concentrate on Energy Recharge, Emblem Of Severed Fate might be a better option. 

The two-piece effect boosts Energy Recharge by 20% and the four-piece effect boosts the user’s Elemental Burst to 25% of their total energy recharge.

What’s the best party comp in Venti?

Venti has a variety of elemental characters and characters with long-lasting Elemental abilities. 

Xiangqi, Barbara and Barbara make good Hydro choices since they can inflict Wet even while not on the field. Xiangling’s Pyronado makes them a great Pyro choice.

Lisa and Katya are solid Electro and Cryo options, even though they may not be the most charismatic characters.

Venti’s prospects are not in your favour. You might consider saving your Primogems to purchase one of Genshin Impact’s banners. 

After the 2.6 updates, Yellen, the newly announced Hydro character will be coming at some point in future. Sumeru will also introduce Dendro sometime this summer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Venti weapon is the best?

Venti’s most powerful weapon is The Elegy For the End, which significantly increases his Elemental Mastery. It also boosts Venti’s Energy Recharge, allowing players to spam their Elemental Burst or Wind’s Grand Ode to group enemies.

Venti is stringless good?

The passive of the Stringless is great for Venti in Genshin Impact. Its sub-stat is even more valuable. Because The Stringless’ stats are able to cater to both damage and swirl build Venti, this weapon is ideal.

Is Venti a God?

Venti is a beloved character in Genshin Impact, but there are some things that don’t make sense about the Anemo. Venti is by far one of Genshin Impact’s most beloved characters. He is canonically powerful ( considered a god by some), has incredible Elemental Skills and his design is so memorable.

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