Genshin Impact best Xiao build, weapons, and best Xiao F2P

Genshin Impact best Xiao build Introduction


Among the top adored emo-based characters in Genshin Impact best Xiao build is coming back to life with the release of Genshin Impact version 2.7 by the end of the month.

He’s an excellent DPS choice due to his ability to transform and impressive base stats. Although he’s most effective with an incredible team comp with him.

it is essential to improve the build of Xiao if you want him to stop kicking his punches.

He’s focusing only solely on doing massive amounts of damage. There’s little other to do with Xiao other than unleashing him in the field, but this is all he has to do.

Our most effective Xiao can help you with this and offers ideas for artifacts, weapons, and even f2p options if you don’t have many prime gems left.

Genshin Impact best Xiao build

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Is Xiao a DPS character?

Absolutely, and to the exclusion of all other things. Xiao has a high base attack. In addition, the Elemental Skill and Burst are designed to deal with the damage.

You can utilize his skills to aid in exploration because he can cover long distances. However, Xiao is the best choice for the main DPS job in your team.

What is the top Xiao build for Genshin Impact?

Xiao is a man with a singular goal to hit things extremely hard, and his best body makes him perform this feat even better than average.

What is the most effective Xiao weapon?

Its Primordial Jade Winged Sparrow has been created to be used by Xiao and comes with its version that is reprinted in the update’s weapon banner.

It is one of the strongest attacks of any polearm, and it also has another stat that increases the critical hit rate of the user. The best part about Xiao can be the passive ability, Eagle Spear in Justice.

The moment you hit an attack, it increases the attack stat of the player by 3.2 percent for six seconds.

Then, it can be stacked up to seven times. However, the stacking process is somewhat uneven, as the maximum increase in damage with seven stacks is 12.2%.

Skyward Spine is a good alternative, and it comes with the same attack stats that increase energy Recharge and increase the average attack speed and Critical Hit Rate.

A few have also had positive results using The Staff of Homa, which increases attacks based on the user’s HP. So it’s always an option if you have one lying around.

What are the top Xiao Artifacts?

The burst of Xiao turns to attack in Anemo attacks. Therefore your best bet with Xiao Artifacts is to maximize Anemo attacks and damage. To do that, we suggest:

  1. 2-piece Viridescent Veneer increases Anemo’s damage by 15 percent
  2. 2-piece Shimenawa’s Reminiscence in 2 pieces OR Gladiator Finale It increases attack by 18 percent

What is the best Xiao F2P build?

Xiao’s F2P design might not have an extravagant spear. However, it highlights his incredible ability to deal with heavy damage.

Best Xiao F2P weapon

We’re using Prototype Starglitter to play this game. The attack power is lower than average, and however, it provides an impressive boost to the Energy Recharge. Starglitter’s passive ability also boosts the player’s attack by 8 percent for 12 minutes.

The skill stacks twice, which means you’ll get the maximum benefit following Xiao’s dual-use Skill, and the cooldown also matches the cooldown for his Skill exactly.

Best Xiao Artifacts for F2P

The Artifacts of Xiao’s build are precisely the same as the paid version, as you’re still focusing on pushing the damage of his Anemo and physical as high as you can.

It would help if you aimed for Viridescent Veneer and Gladiator’s End (or Shimenawa’s Remembrance) in this build.

When will when the Genshin Impact Xiao be rerun?

Xiao is back as the main protagonist with their rerun of the wish banner for Genshin Impact version 2.7.

They’ll be rolling during the initial phase of the update, along with Yelan, who will be taking the spotlight during their debut appearance on Genshin Impact.

They’ll be in the game for three weeks when phase two has been launched, and their wish banners will be removed.

What do you think of some of Xiao’s materials?

The materials used by Xiao are pretty standard for a Liyue character, and you’ll require Juvenile Jade Slime Condensate and Qingxin Flowers, and other items from the Vayuda series.

Xiao items for talent are more complex and contain more slime items and books in the Prosperity series and Shadow of the Warrior, which can be obtained by fighting Liyue’s boss every week.

When you’re done sloshing around in Xiao and Xiao, you can walk along the shore and explore one of our favorite locations within Genshin, the Impact Enkanomiya.

The underwater area requires some effort to unlock, but there’s plenty to discover, including new islands following the first, secret books, and the most important symbols.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best set for Xiao?

Most beneficial for Xiao is his passive ability Eagle Spear of Justice. The moment you land an attack, it increases the attacker’s stat by 3.2 percent for 6 seconds. It can be stacked seven times. The stacking pattern is a bit uneven, however, as the highest damage increase for seven stacks is 12percent. Skyward Spine is a good alternative.

Is Xiao good Genshin Impact?

The best Xiao build from Genshin Impact. Xiao is a great DPS Character with a great style of play, that is the most efficient when paired when he has a team that can aid in his health and energy needs. Xiao’s Elemental Burst is a negative energy and health effects.

Which weapon is the best one for Xiao?

Our favorite weapon that we use for Xiao can be that of the primordial jade winged-spear. It’s true that it’s a weapon with five stars, it’s not easy to find. The Blackcliff Pole is a good substitute until you’re lucky enough to get it. Primordial Jade’s Winged-Spear.

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