All Blaidd questline locations and walkthrough for Elden Ring

Elden Ring Blaidd questline 


It’s a bit of a challenge to figure out how the Elden Ring Blaidd questline is interspersed with various other characters and events. It’s possible to skip significant portions of it based on where you’re travelling to the first.

It’s also linked to the tough boss battle. However, you can begin the quest at any point, even after defeating Darriwil, the Evergaol boss Blaidd mentions, before encountering the wolf-man in Mistwood.

What’s the purpose of the howling Mistwood Ruins in Elden Ring?

As with most aspects of Elden Ring, the beginning of Blaidd’s quest can be a bit uncertain. You’ll have to travel towards the Mistwood Ruins to the northeast from Waypoint Ruins and hear the howling.

Then, go towards Limewood to the Church of Elleh in Limewood and meet with Kale, the merchant. Kale will tell the story of Blaidd and teach how to use his Finger Snap gesture.

Return into the Mistwood Ruins and then use the Gesture to summon Blaidd. If you haven’t been able to defeat Darriwil before, he’ll tell you about his connection with Blaidd.

the Bloodhound Knight and send you to fight. In the meantime, or if the battle was already won, talk to Blaidd in ruins at least twice.

The first time, you’ll receive some Smithing Stones. The second time around, he instructs you to locate the blacksmith on the route towards Carian Manor in Liurnia.

This unlocks Carian Manor and the Carian Filigreed Crest from that blacksmith’s workshop.

Blaidd questline locations

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What is the best way to carry on Blaidd’s journey within Elden Ring?

The quest of Ranni joins the quest of Blaidd. After Ranni summons Blaidd then, you’ll have to find Blaidd in Siofria River near Hallowhorn Grounds (where the deer that died is).

You can talk to him until there is no more dialogue, then go towards Seluvis’ Rise and speak with Seluvis.

This starts Seluvis his quest, although it’s not necessary for it since you can begin without having even met Blaidd.

Follow your scroll, go to Sellen in the Waypoint Ruins, and then speak with Blaidd. This is entirely distinct from Sellen’s quest.

The next step is to take on Radahn, the Caelid’s Redmane Castle. Make use of your NPC summons to help you win the fight.

The next phase in the journey is longer and connects with Ranni’s quest. When Radahn is dead, you’ll be able to find Iji, one of the servants of Ranni.

is imprisoned Blaidd within the Forlorn Hound Evergaol. The prisoner remains until you’ve completed the Ranni’s quest, at which point he’ll pop back at Ranni’s Rise to take on you.

If you defeat him, you’ll be awarded the armour and sword, and it’s impossible to get rid of Blaidd.

Notes on Ranni’s and Blaidd’s quests

The Ranni’s and Blaidd’s quests develop differently depending on the point where you reach certain milestones. We’ve listed a few possible ways that the paths differ in the next paragraph.

If you decide to begin the Radahn Festival, it will automatically bypass the initial part of both the Ranni’s and Blaidd’s quests.

Ranni’s quest can only be advanced or begun after defeating Radahn, and Blaidd’s run will continue until the end of detention.

You can initiate this Radahn Festival outside of Ranni’s quest with the Grand Lift of Decius. If you can do this, Blaidd will defeat all enemies within the castle.

the castle’s gates are locked until the end of the Festival, and you will be able to rest in the Site of Grace. It’s not clear if similar events occur when you enter Altus Plateau via the tunnels rather than the tunnels, however.

If you’re looking for additional Elden Ring tips, take a look at our extensive guide collection, which includes how to reap the maximum out of Ashes of War and deal with bosses who are a pain to deal with like Margit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I begin with the Blaidd Questline?

Blaidd was first discovered at The Mistwood Ruins in West Limgrave. It is necessary to contact Kale, the seller Kale who is located in the Church of Elleh after your first visit to the ruin for the “snap” gesture that is required to summon the wolf knight off his tower (Blaidd was the one who is the wolf knight of course!).

How do I combat Blaidd?

After passing through Caria Manor in northern Liurnia In northern Liurnia, you’ll encounter Blaidd once more in Ranni’s Rise, then again underground in the Siofra River Well, and once further in Redmane Castle when you take on General Radahn.

What’s wrong with me? Blaidd Elden Ring?

There’s no sign of Blaidd because you didn’t meet him at Soifra River or Redmane Castle. It is necessary to meet Ranni prior to being able to converse with Blaidd and make sure to start by meeting Ranni first.

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