Dying Light 2: Every Ending Explained

Dying Light 2 Introduction


Dying Light 2 endings are somewhat of a muddled mess of several choices at crucial moments throughout the game, and entirely ignoring other important choices.

The decisions you make that affect your game have less influence than the game might suggest. Factors as well as the water towers aside.

there are many major decisions that affect the final outcome you’ll receive One of them occurs very at the beginning of the game. It’s a given that this guide will contain spoilers for the major plot events within Dying Light 2.

How many endings are there? Dying Light 2 have?

There are at most five possible endings to Dying Light 2, with several variations, and a less-than-perfect secret ending. 

The one you choose depends on the relationship you have with Hakon or if you choose to go with Hakon or the PK in The Radio Tower, and whether you choose to deviate from the PK route and get involved with Juan in his home at the Radio Tower.

The other faction alignment options are not a factor. It is possible to give every piece of equipment to Peacekeepers and then offer that Radio Tower to Frank and choose one of the best Lawan endings.

Dying Light 2 Every Ending Explained

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What’s the best Dying Light 2 ending?

The ideal ending will depend on what you want to achieve of the town, however there’s a way to make the majority of people content. 

Missiles do not strike cities, Frank is alive, Hakon is still alive and Lawan is free of the obligation to vengeance, departs this city along with Aiden. It’s going to take some effort to get there, but you could already be locked from the end.

What options affect the final scene of Dying Light 2?

These are the decisions that are important:

  • If you kill or save Hakon to be spared in Old Villedor
  • If you decide to give Radio Tower Radio Tower to Frank, the Peacekeepers or Juan
  • If you are able to save Frank from Breakthrough (this choice is available only if provided him with an access to the Radio Tower)
  • If you decide to kill or spare Hakon during Hakon’s No Mercy quest
  • If you are able to save Lawan or explode the missiles in X13

There are two options: Hakon and X13 options are the most complex choices, so we’ll give them some extra consideration.

Hakon’s character Hakon’s role Dying Light 2 endings

If you decide to leave Hakon and dies within Old Villedor, he does not die. He’ll return later to appear in No Mercy (or Deals with the Devil depending on the way you chose to reach him) regardless of what decision you make. 

If you leave the dead man to die he will lose faith in you and won’t be cooperative, no matter the actions you take.

If you have helped him, you’ll have more options. Say:

  • Let’s not be fighting
  • Do not take it on! Lawan

Hakon will live to remain around in X13 to help save Lawan. If Hakon is killed it’s impossible to will be able to save Lawan as well as the entire city during the X13 game.

Dying Light 2X13 and Dying Light choices explained

The decision you take during the final story mission can be unclear at best, due to some odd words and no way of knowing the outcome.

Save Lawan option

Whatever you’ve allied yourself with or who is in charge of that radio tower, when you can save Lawan the city will be destroyed. Aiden isn’t going to go home with her at the conclusion either.

If you keep Hakon still alive, Hakon will depart the city together with Aiden. If not, Aiden departs Villedor alone. Both of these are not optimal, given the number of people who die.

Let Lawan explode the bomb of your of your choice

The second one is more complicated, however it’s the better option out of both. Let’s see how it works out.

  • If Hakon was alive, he’d help Lawan. It’s a city saved. If the survivors control the broadcast and you save Frank, Aiden and Lawan will depart Villedor with them
  • In the event that Hakon was alive and you allied yourself with Hakon, but you allied with Peacekeepers or Juan the Peacekeepers, he’ll still help Lawan and she’s not willing to go with him.
  • If Hakon dies, Lawan dies too, however, the city is spared. Aiden is left on his own

So, in a nutshell, if you want to get rid of Lawan, you need to:

  • Keep Hakon alive
  • Save Frank
  • Let Lawan explode the charges

How can you unlock that Dying Light 2 secret ending?

If you’ve heard rumors about the secret ending of Dying Light 2, it’s the perfect ending in which Aiden departs with Lawan It’s not really secret, but hard to attain, but not impossible. 

The above-mentioned guidelines regarding the ending with Lawan will lead you to this hidden ending.

How will it affect Villedor In Dying Light 2?

Aiden’s story is over. tale, however there’s the issue of Villedor to be considered and it, too is determined by the choices made during the game.

The Survivor end

The official title is the Survivor finale because it centers around the elimination of the PK and bringing back the Nightrunners. This is the ideal result for everyone and, to achieve it, you must:

  • Donate Frank an opportunity to speak on the Radio Tower
  • Trust Col. Williams in place of Jack Matt
  • Keep Hakon alive
  • Keep Frank during Breakout
  • Let Lawan Detonate the explosives

The Peacekeeper is coming to an end

This one is simpler as it mainly is about Frank Jack Matt and Jack Matt. In the story the PK are the rulers of the city and Aiden is left alone. To find this:

Let Frank die in Breakout, or by gifting the PK his Radio Tower The Radio Tower. Believe in Jack Mattinstead or Colonel Williams

The Juan Rainer finales

It’s a strange story and definitely not the ideal conclusion, at least not for the inhabitants of Villedor. 

Juan is in charge over the resources of Villedor and his city, and transforms into the Floating Fortress into his personal castle. To accomplish this,

  • The other side with Juan on Juan at Radio Tower (which automatically dooms Frank to die)
  • Kill Colonel Williams

If you choose to side with Juan to keep Williams alive Williams and Juan alive, they will be the city’s rulers together.

If you’re still trying to make the journey through Villedor and you’re in need of some assistance Check out our selection of Dying Light 2 guides for additional tips.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Dying Light 2 endings are available?

It has at minimum five endings to Dying Light 2, with some variations and a less-than-great secret ending. The one you choose is contingent on your relationship with Hakon and if you decide to side with Hakon, or with the PK on The Radio Tower, and whether you choose to deviate from the PK direction and ultimately end in helping Juan in The Radio Tower.

What did happen at the end in Dying Light 2?

Unfortunately, once Aiden is able to reach these silos, the illness is triggered, and he begins to attack Lawan with a rage that is uncontrollable. Once the infection has gone away in a second time and Aiden gets back under control after which the two men leave the Dying Light 2 facility even though missiles are fired and the city destroyed.

How do you find the ending you’ve been looking for from Dying Light 2?

Try to Save Hakon
Within Dying Light 2 you’ll come to two scenarios where the life of Hakon is at risk, but his life could be crucial in the future for the best possible ending, you need to take care to save Hakon.

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