The Complete List of All Mortal Kombat 11 Fatalities

Mortal Kombat Introduction


Mortal Kombat would not be complete without fatalities. These finishing moves are more brutal than any other Mortal Kombat game. Each character has two fatality moves to humiliate his opponent.

As per Mortal Kombat tradition, after beating an opponent in combat and depleting their health bar, you are offered the chance to “Finish Them” – this is where you can use a fatality to finish the fight, show mercy, or even indifference. 

Mortal Kombat 11’s random opportunity krypt progression includes fatalities. However, this is not the only way to get them.

You’ll have approximately 5 seconds to execute a fatality or Mercy in battle once the prompt for ‘Finish Him” appears.

Your opponent will then pass out in a more controlled manner. An opponent can be knocked down by a regular move within that time frame, instead of performing a finisher. 

You can perform fatalities in two ways: with simple inputs that cost you an in-game currency or with traditional move inputs like those used in arcades back in the nineties.

Each character in MK11 can use two fatalities, as previously stated. The first fatality move will not be available from the beginning.

Instructions on how to execute it will be included in the move list. Each character has a second fatality listed, but it doesn’t have its command shown at first.

You must unlock the MK11 Krypt mode to access the command for this alternative fatality. You don’t need to unlock the second fatality in order to use it. If you know the input command, you can perform it.

This page is your guide – it contains a complete Mortal Kombat11 Fatality List. It also includes fatality inputs. 

Mortal Kombat

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This page allows you to access every fatality in the game right from the moment it is launched. This also means you don’t have to go to the move list twice to make sure everything is correct.

Mortal Kombat 11 Fatality inputs: Command Explanation for Xbox One, PS4 or Switch

Before we start, let’s note that we are using arcade-style notation. This means that commands will be listed with numbers 1-4 instead of console buttons. 

To commit a fatality, you must press a number of buttons followed by directions. MK11 can be used on all platforms, including the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Each console has a different configuration of buttons. There’s also the PC. This will differ depending on which controller you choose. Here’s how the commands work per console using the default game control scheme.

  • #1 – Front Punch [Square PS4, Xbox One, Y Switch]
  • #2 – Back Punch [Triangle PS4, Y Xbox One and X Switch]
  • #3 – Front Kick [Cross PS4, Xbox One, and B Switch]
  • #4 – Back Kick [Circle PS4, Xbox One, and A Switch]

The directions are only directions. Commands like front and reverse are commands. The front is always facing your opponent.

CharacterFatality 1InputFatality 2Input
BarakaFood for Thought [Close]Back, Down, Back, 2Rock, Paper, Baraka [Close]Back, Forward, Back, 3
Cassie CageI 3 U [Mid]Down, Down, Forward, 4#GirlPower [Mid]Back, Down, Down, Back, 2
CitationMaintaining Balance [Mid]Back, Down, Forward, Down, 4Good & Evil [Mid]Back, Down, Back, 3
D’vorahNew Species [Close]Back, Forward, Back, 3Can’t Die [Mid]Back, Down, Down, 4
Erron BlackMelted [Close]Down, Down, Down, 1Death Trap [Mid]Down, Forward, Down, 2
FrostIce sculpture [Close]Forward, Back, Down, 1The Cyber Initiative [Mid]Back, Forward, Down, Forward, 4
FujinWind Blade [Far]Back, Down, Down, Back, 1Twisted Twister [Close]Forward, Back, Down, 2
GerasPhasing through Time [Mid]Back, Down, Down, 3Peeling back [Close]Down, Forward, Back, 1
Jacqui BriggsSpider Mines [Close]Forward, Back, Forward, 3Neck [Mid]Back, Forward, Back, 4
JadeBow Before Me [Mid]Down, Down, Forward, Down, 4Pole Dance [Close]Down, Down, Down, 1
Jax BriggsComing In Hot [Close]Forward, Down, Forward, 3Still Got It [Mid]Back, Forward, Back, Down, 1
Johnny CageMr Cage’s Neighborhood [Close]Forward, Back, Down, Down, 4Who hired this guy [Close]Forward, Down, Forward, 1
KabalHooked [Close]Down, Down, Down, 4Road Rage [Mid]Forward, Back, Down, Forward, 3
KanoLast Dance [Close]Forward, Down, Down, 1Face Like A Dropped Pie [Close]Back, Down, Forward, 2
KitanaGore-Nado [Mid]Down, Down, Down, Down, 2Royal Execution [Mid]Down, Back, Forward, 1
CollectionFor the Kollection [Close]Down, Down, Down, Down, 4Head Lantern [Close]Down, Forward, Back, 1
Kotal KahnTotem Sacrifice [Close]Back, Down, Back, 3Kat Food [Close]TBC
Kung LaoHeaded Nowhere [Close]Down, Forward, Back, Down, 2Meat Slicer [Close]Down, Forward, Down, 3
Liu KangBurn Out [Close]Down, Back, Down, Forward, 1Belly of the Beast [Mid]Back, Down, Back, Forward, 2
NightwolfKomo-tose [Close]Down, Down, Down, 4War Ritual [Close]Forward, Back, Down, 2
Noob SaibotSplit Decision [Close]Back, Forward, Back, Forward, 4Double Trouble [Mid]Down, Down, Down, 1
RaidenAlternating Kurrent [Mid]Back, Down, Back, 1Direct Current [Close]Down, Forward, Back, 3
RobocopClose: Dead or AliveBack, Forward, Down, Down, 2Thank You for Your Collaboration [Mid]Forward, Down, Forward, 1
ScorpionYou’re next [Far]Back, Down, Down, 1Chain Reaction [Mid]Down, Forward, Back, 2
Shang TsungCondemned to Damned [Mid]Back, Forward, Down, Down, 1Shokan Reborn [Mid]Back, Forward, Back, 4
Shao KahnBack Blown Out [Close]Back, Forward, Down, Down, 2Kahn-Sequences [Close]Back, Forward, Back, 1
SheevaStomp the Yard [Close]Down, Down, Down, 1Spinal Tap [Close]Forward, Down, Down, Forward, 3
SindelScream Queen [Close]Down, Down, Forward, 4Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow [Mid]Back, Forward, Back, 1
SkarletBloody Mess [Mid]Forward, Back, Down, 3Heart Kondition [Mid]Down, Down, Forward, 4
SpawnRest in Pieces [Mid]Forward, Back, Down, 3Unchained [Mid]Forward, Back, Forward, 4
Sonya BladeTo The Choppa [Mid]Down, Forward, Back, 2Supply drops [Close]Back, Forward, Back, 3
Sub-ZeroIce-Cautioner [Mid]Back, Forward, Back, 2Frozen In Time [Mid]Forward, Down, Forward, 4
TerminatorI’m back [Close]Back, Forward, Back, 1Target Terminated [Mid]Down, Forward, Down, 4
The JokerParty Pooper [Mid]Down, Forward, Back, 2Pop Goes the Mortal (Mid)Back, Down, Back, 1

The below video by Youtuber Shirrako demonstrates all the fatalities in Mortal Kombat 11

Mortal Kombat 11 Mercy

You can also perform a special move at the match’s end that grants your opponent some health.

This is a detailed page that explains how to do it. While you are at a medium distance from your enemy press the left trigger (LT for Xbox, L for Switch, and L2 on PS4).

Then, while holding the trigger in, press down three times and release the trigger. This is just like a fatality.

You might be having trouble getting enough MK11’s currencies. Check out our guide to farming Hearts, Koins and Time Crystals.

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Mortal Kombat FAQ

Why is Mortal Kombat so beloved?

Mortal Kombat’s Most Iconic Character Roster
is the main reason the story is so well-known. Liu Kang is the noble hero, Johnny Cage becomes the new main character and Shang Tsung is one of the most loved villains in gaming.

Is Mortal Kombat Chinese?

Mortal Kombat, an American media brand, is based on a series video games that were originally created by Midway Games back in 1992.

Can I play Mortal Kombat free of charge?

The iconic fighting game Mortal Kombat, now free on PC. You will be able to fight against some of the most iconic characters in fighting game history.

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