How to complete the Volcano Manor questline in Elden Ring?

Volcano Manor questline Introduction


It is said that the Elden Ring Volcano Manor questline is among the most intricate and odd stories that you will encounter throughout your journey in The Lands Between.

Alongside revealing plenty of interesting lore, it’s packed with NPC quests and side missions, as well as rare loot and a bizarre conclusion, should you choose to become Rykard the King of Blasphemy.

But, it’s quite easy to skip certain quest steps or even complete tasks out of sequence and block yourself from being able to see everything in one game. Therefore, we’ll guide you through the entire process through the Volcano Manor Guide.

Elden Ring Volcano Manor guide

Participating in Volcano Manor is a Tarnished hunt, killing travelers and warriors similar to yourself, and then securing their bodies to get rare loot. 

It’s also one of a handful of NPC questlines, and their stories aren’t complete until you’ve completed at least a few of the contracts. The process of getting started and then completing an appropriate conclusion is more challenging than you imagine, but.

If you’re hoping to make the most from the Volcano Manor quest, you’ll need to begin early. It is essential to keep Patches out of Murkwater Cave back in Limgrave and then meet him again on The Scenic Isle Site of Grace in Liguria.

Volcano Manor questline

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It is possible to beat Rykard without completing any of the Volcano Manor’s quests but it does come with some consequences. 

Once you’ve defeated Rykard regardless of whether you decide to join the Manor or not – everyone who is part of the Manor will leave. 

So you’ll miss Rya’s quest, as well as the items you’ve gotten by completing Tanith’s agreements.

How to get to Volcano Manor in Elden Ring?

The simplest way to gain access to Volcano Manor, particularly when you’re still a ways from opening the Mt. Gelmir region is to receive an invite from Rya. 

The location of this NPC is within Liurnia of the Lakes, located in the stone structure in the northwest corner of The Laskyar Ruins Site of Grace or directly east of the Scenic Isle.

Here’s what you must do:

  • You can talk with Rya and she’ll tell you to take the necklace.
  • Travel north and you will find the Boilprawn Shack Site in Grace.
  • Contact the NPC who is outside, and he’ll talk about the necklace.
  • Buy the necklace using runes, or kill him to get it.
  • Return to Rya and give her the necklace. She’ll then give to you your Volcano Manor Invitation.

After that, you’ll be able to find Rya back at Altus Plateau. If you’ve not been there before, and you’ve used your Dectus Medallion to get there She’ll be on the highest point of the elevator. 

If you’ve been to the area before you talk to Rya or if you escaped it, then she’s in the Lux Ruins located in the Altus Plateau. Wherever you spot her, talk to her, grab her hand and she’ll transfer you towards Volcano Manor.

Another alternative is through option is to go through the Abductor Virgin enemy that is located in the basement of Raya Lucaria Academy, which you can locate by using the water-wheel lift until the lowest point. 

You need to not let it take you down with the grab attacks. This will take you to a place beneath Volcano Manor, but you’ll have to take on this Abductor Virgins boss in order to move on.

When you are outside the manor, head towards the manor by taking a high-level area. Although you’ll be able to get past many enemies or bosses the most secure and easier option is to ask for invites from Rya when you are able.

Elden Ring Volcano Manor questline

If you were transported towards Volcano Manor through Rya then you should speak to the NPC sitting in a chair directly in front of you. It’s Tanith and she’ll invite you to be a part of Volcano Manor. 

If you accept the invitation, she’ll present to you the Drawing Room Key. Then, turn around and go down the hallway to your left. make use of the key in one of the two doors to the left to gain access to the room.

You’ll see a letter on the table that instructs you to kill Old Knight Istvan. an NPC located in Limgrave. Fortunately, his summons sign has been added to the map, so go towards the Warmaster’s Shack Site of Grace and go to the north.

When you defeat Istvan gives you defeating Istvan will reward you with the Scaled Armor Set. Return the Volcano Manor and speak to Tanith once more and she’ll give to you the Magma Shot sorcery. Now you can return to the room that you have unlocked to collect the next letter.

You must now go towards Altus Plateau and defeat Rileigh the Idle on the western side of the region. The fastest route to Rileigh’s summoning sign is through The Old Altus Tunnel Site of Grace. 

After you have exited the lift into the tunnel and head north. The Grepus’s Vial Talisman beats him. Tanith will give you the Serpentbone Blade when you return to the manor.

The final letter can be located within the Drawing Room and instructs you to kill Juno Hollow, Knight of Blood an NPC that fulfills the prerequisites for Diallos to leave his manor and move to Harburg.

Juno Hoslow’s summons sign can be located at his summon sign in the Mountaintops of the Giants region located southwest of Castle Sol and right next to the lofty Shack. 

When you defeat him, you get Hoslow’s Oath gesture as well as his armor set and weapon. Tanith will beg you to use his The Taker’s Cameo the talisman to complete this task.

It’s crucial to note that you must finish any NPC quests prior to proceeding with this part since they’ll vanish from the manor after the boss is defeated.

It is now possible to speak with Tanith to request her to teleport you to the area beyond the Rykard Lord of Blasphemy boss’s door. 

After you’ve defeated this boss, you’ll be awarded Rykard’s great Rune and the Remembrance of the Blasphemous which gives an opportunity to obtain access to the Blasphemous Blade when you are taken to India in the Roundtable Hold.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should you do the Volcano Manor Questline?

Yes, you must definitely join Volcano Manor. It not only allows you to take on a plethora of random NPCs however, but it also allows you access to one Shardbearer boss battles. It’s a crucial quest line that is able to be avoided, however, following the quest will allow you to reach the boss faster than if you did not do it.

How do you begin your Volcano Manor mission?

Elden Ring Volcano Manor questline. In the event that you’ve been transported towards Volcano Manor by Rya, talk to the NPC sitting in an armchair directly in front in front of you. It’s Tanith and she’ll invite you to be a part of Volcano Manor. Accept her offer and she’ll give you your Drawing Room Key.

What happens if you sign up to Volcano Manor Elden Ring?

Do you need to be a part of Volcano Manor within Elden Ring? Yes, even if you only want to progress through a variety of quests, and to gain access to Rykard the the Lord of Blasphemy. In spite of the severity of the crimes that you’re guilty of, there are no negative consequences in the least no one we’ve encountered.

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