Lost Ark Rovlen guide – Where to find Rovlen and how to defeat it

Lost Ark Rovlen Information


The Lost Ark Rovlen boss can be one of the most difficult battles in the game, so it may take patience to complete.

Rovlen does not roam but may disappear from time to time. To avoid getting caught up in a war of attrition, you need to move quickly once you engage in combat.

Lost Ark Rovlen location

Rovlen resides in West Luterra’s Bilbrin Forest. The image has been marked on the map. This means that unlike other bosses, Rovlen won’t need to be searched for. Rovlen, a plant, is literally rooted on the spot so it won’t wander.

Lost Ark bosses function in a similar way to New World bosses. It’s not a pre-arranged encounter between you or the creature. Rovlen will not be there if you arrive at the location. 

It was defeated by another party or player who got there first. You can wait for the boss to respawn in about 30 minutes if you reach an empty clearing.

Lost Ark Rovlen

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How to defeat Rovlen at Lost Ark?

Rovlen, a level 25 foe, is a formidable foe. However, it can telegraph its attacks quite clearly. It hits hard, which is a good thing. Rovlen is able to unleash venom straight from its roots and then spit it out. 

It will also occasionally release seeds into the atmosphere that grow tentacles. Each of these have a limited AoE range of attack. However, you will need to face their dangers in order to eliminate them as quickly as possible.

Rovlen creates a protective shield that protects him from the tentacles while they are present on the field. It disappears only when all of the tentacles have been removed. This is a long and difficult fight so it’s best to join at least two other players.

Make sure that you are using the best build for Lost Ark Private Eye. There are plenty of players waiting to get in. The process should become easier now that Smilegate and Amazon have added a new server.

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Lost Ark Rovlen FAQ

How often does Rovlen create Lost Ark?

Every 30 minutes
Rovlen generates every thirty minutes. You have the option to change channels if Rovlen is not found once you’ve arrived at the correct place. Lost Ark has several instances for each region. You can visit all of them to check if Rovlen is available.

What should I do about Rovlen tentacles in Lost Ark?

Rovlen’s Tentacle can be eaten as a boss item. Allow it to mutate into Wriggling Tentacle Sashimi in the first 30 minutes, then right-click it to eat. It adds to the Adventure Tome when it is consumed.

What is the maximum number of times you can field boss Lost Ark?

Field bosses all have a health multiplier (x23) which means their health must be reduced by zero 23 times to prevent them from being defeated. Field bosses have a long respawn period depending on their health. Below 10,000,000 HP: Respawns 30 min after being killed.

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