Elden Ring Black Knife Catacombs Guide

Access the Black Knife Catacombs


There are many caves and dungeons to explore in The Lands Between. Some are easier than others and some don’t need any Tarnished inside. The Black Knife Catacombs is an example.

Black Knife Catacombs is one of the more difficult dungeons in Elden Ring. You will need to fight your way through the catacombs. Manoeuvres are difficult and you will soon be confronted with bosses.

Here’s all you need to know to get around the Black Knife Catacombs. What loot is it hiding? How to defeat the Black Knife Assassin dungeon bosses.

Black Knife Catacombs

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Black Knife Catacombs

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  • Rosus’ Axe
  • Rune Arc
  • Black Knifeprint
  • Assassin’s Cerulean Dagger
  • Twinsage Sorcerer Ashes
  • Deathroot

How to get around Black Knife Catacombs?

First, you can find your way to Black Knife Catacombs by going to the Ruined Labyrinth Site of Grace close Liurnia of the Lakes. Take the path to the left side of the Minor Erdtree and go north from here.

A Mausoleum Knight appears as you approach the catacombs entry. Either you want to grab the Black Knife Catacombs Site Of Grace immediately, or you could just keep going. 

You can both disappear and reappeared frequently, closing the distance between the two of you. However, this fight should feel easy compared to the bosses that you will soon face.

After you have entered the catacombs head down the stairs to clear out any skeletons. To ensure that they don’t resurrect, make sure you attack them once they’re gone. 

Continue left, as the door ahead is locked. Take the Grave Violet and Grave Glovewort with you.

You can either use the Stonesword Key to break down the Imp Seal to your right or continue onward. You can find Rosus’ Axe in the sealed room.

Turn left and exit the room. You will need to kill the sorcerer at end of corridor. Next, you’ll need the Grave Glovewort(2) to your left.

Then, go straight into the room with several large blades that run from the ceiling to the floor at regular intervals.

Clear away the skeletons and move to the end of your room. You’ll find a lot of Grave Violet and Grave Glovewort as you descend the ladder. 

You can find a Rune Arc in the right corner of the room. But be careful of the giant crabs that may appear as you approach.

You can’t open the room down here yet. Continue climbing the ladder to the room with the blades. As the middle blade rises from the floor.

you will need to be standing atop it. These will lift you up and you’ll want jump onto the platform to your left.

After clearing out the sorcerer and skeleton on the platform, you can move on. You will have to deal with more enemies. Attack the wall ahead, and it will fall. The boss of the dungeon, a Black Knife Assassin, is ahead.

How to beat the Black Knife Assassin at Black Knife Catacombs?

This is a difficult fight. This fight is tough because you must face an enemy that is extremely fast and agile in a very small area. Ranged attacks are almost non-existent. You can’t even use your summons.

This one is the most important. I suggest having lots of health flasks and being prepared to dodge many things. Your life will depend on it.

You should stay close to the Black KnifeAssassin and avoid his attacks. If he stops for a moment, you can make your own attacks. 

The Assassin will fire a projectile at your distance if you keep a distance from the two of you. This can be dangerous if there isn’t enough space.

This boss can make it difficult to chug flasks against you. He is relentless and will not let you go, no matter how far away. To aid your attack power and health, you can equip Talismans or armour. 

The Assassin’s Crimson Dagger will restore your HP with critical hits and the Blue-Feathered Branch Sword can increase your defense when you have low HP.

The Black KnifeAssassin will remove the Black Knifeprint as well as the Assassin’s Cerulean Dagger, which restores your FP upon critical hits.

This is all there is about the Black Knife Assassin, but it’s not all there is about Black Knife Catacombs. 

Instead of exiting the dungeon you should leave the room and go down the small hole to your right. You will find yourself back on the lower level of the dungeon, but this time in a locked cell you couldn’t get to earlier.

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Black Knife Catacombs FAQ

How do I get through the black knife catacombs in Elden Ring?

Touch the floor’s golden summoning sign to invite D, Hunter of the Dead, before you enter the chamber. You can avoid the Black Knight Assassin by rolling out of your way if you spot it coming. You should then counter it with your own attacks.

Is there a black knife assassin hiding in the black knife catacombs of London?

This is all there is about the Black Knife Assassin, but it’s not all there is about Black Knife Catacombs. Instead of exiting the dungeon you should leave the room and go down the small hole to your right. You will be again on the lower level of the dungeon, but this time in the locked cell you couldn’t get to earlier.


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