Elden Ring Ranni quest and how to get the Dark Moon Ring and Moonlight Greatsword

Elden Ring Ranni Information


Although Elden Ring Ranni sports an array of interesting NPCs and questlines, however, none of them are as long or have as much impact as that of Ranni The Witch. 

The quest of Ranni the Witch doesn’t just extend throughout the game and provides an entirely new conclusion.

but it is the only method to gain access to one of the best-adored weapons in the history of From Software. Here’s how you can finish Ranni the Witch’s questline to get an exclusive Dark Moon Greatsword.

The Search for Ranni the Witch

Players first meet Ranni the Witch when they return to the Church of Elleh in Limgrave in the early stages of the game when she greets players with the Spirit Calling Bell. 

The players will not meet her until they arrive at Liurnia and she will be found just past Carnia Manor, in Ranni’s Rise tower, which is the middle of three towers. Ranni is located at the top of the tower.

Ranni will beg for you to sign up with her group and you must accept. Then, go to the floor below the tower and talk to her three servants. After that, talk to Ranni another time before you can go out of the tower. 

Ranni would like you to discover the treasures in Nokron, Eternal City, and return it to her. In this post, she’ll tell you to join one of her friends and go to the Siofra Well. 

Do not bother, as the entry point into Nokron, Eternal City is locked until you defeat General Radhan the shard bearer who is located in Camelid. His castle is situated in the southeast.

After the defeat, all the stars Radhan held back will be returned into the skies, but with one huge one falling onto the Lands Between. The NPCs who hung out following the Radhan fight will inform you that it fell somewhere in Limgrave.

Elden Ring Ranni Information

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Nokron, Eternal City

The hole is situated within East Limgrave, south of the Mistwood Ruins. If you gaze into the sky, you’ll be able to see floating rocks. 

The entry point into Nokon, Eternal City is right below these rocks, and you could make use of them as a reference. 

Once you are at the entrance, you’ll find a plethora of floating rocks that are leading into the cave. By using Torrent and a platform.

you can slide to the bottom of the cave. There will be wreckage and if you look slightly further, you’ll discover yourself soaring across gothic rooftops.

After you have walked across the roofs, you’ll arrive at a small square in which the Nokron Site of Grace is situated. 

In the direction of the forward and slightly to the right, you’ll find an archway that appears like it’s leading into an actual building. 

Instead, there is an alleyway leading up to a cliff. If you go there, you’ll see an uphill staircase that is heading to the left. 

From there, continue forward until you arrive at an area that is surrounded by fog from the boss. Here, you’ll face an opponent called the Mimic Tear boss, which will imitate your tools and weapon. 

A simple way to defeat the boss is to get rid of the entirety of your equipment prior to entering the room and then put it back in after the replica takes shape. It will be left without any armor or weapons.

Moonlight Altar

You’ll emerge from a high plateau within the Liguria region which is not accessible via other methods. When you are at the point where you emerge.

you should ascend north to Manus Celes, the Cathedral of Manus Celes. The route is straightforward but you’ll want to join Torrent. 

Just as you’re about to get into the cathedral there is a Flintstone Dragon boss that will spawn right at the entrance to the church. 

If you’re playing Torrent you can go to the inside of the dragon where you will find a Site of Grace. Just to the left of that is a tunnel that runs beneath the cathedral. 

It’s dark, so you’ll need an astrolabe or torch. You’ll need to fall into the hole by sliding down onto ledges that are pointing downwards.

Continue to follow the trail through the caves until you find Ranni’s body inside the cavern. This is where you place her Dark Moon Ring on her hand and pledge your loyalty to her. 

She will instruct you to go on in order to be the Elden Lord, and that when that time arrives, you and her will rule together.

After she disappears and you’ll be able to discover The Dark Moon Greatsword, a formidable magic sword that requires the use of 38 brains to master.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What did Ranni do? Elden Ring?

2 Ranni Orchestrated The Night Of The Black Knives
The Night of the Black Knives was an important event in the build-up to the shattering of the Ring Elden. Ranni created it to challenge Marika as well as the greater Will with the Rune of Death to liberate her own body (bound in the greater Will as an emperor).

Do you want to fight Ranni at Elden Ring?

Once you’ve completed the questline of Ranni it gives you the option of triggering this secret endgame, however it will not trigger it automatically. After you’ve defeated Ranni, the ultimate boss in Elden Ring outlined in our Elden Ring main bosses guide There will be a summoning signal in the ground, which will allow you to summon Ranni.

Is Melina Ranni an Elden Ring?

Melina could be among the more mysterious characters from Elden Ring However, her relationship to Ranni could possibly help to explain some things. The Elden Ring lore is a bit dense and a bit scattered, making it difficult to connect.

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