Lost Ark May roadmap reveals the Destroyer, Valtan Legion Raid, and more coming soon

About the Lost Ark May roadmap 


The May Roadmap to Lost Ark was just released via an official blog post. It details the upcoming arrival of Destroyer advanced Subclass and Valtan Legion Raid,

Deskaluda Guard Raid and others later in the month. Although no dates are provided for each, the blog introduction suggests that some of the most difficult PvE content will arrive in the latter weeks.

The post reads: “After closely watching alongside Smilegate RPG we feel that enough players have reached the item level required to participate (or are within easy striking range to get there over a few weeks).

have decided that this is the right moment for these activities to enter Arkesia’s western shores.”

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The Destroyer Advanced Subclass

The Destroyer is a super-heavy melee fighter that joins the Berserker and Paladin as warrior subclasses. This class is all about using your massive hammer to deal huge damage to enemies up close and then shifting them around with powerful crowd control capabilities.

This tank is especially exciting because it’s the second real tank to be added to the game after the Ginlancer. It gives players an additional option if they’re looking to absorb lots of hits, but do not want to swing around like a silly lance.

The Valtan Legion Raid

Valsartan is the main content that will stand out for those who have already powered one or more characters up to tier 3. 

This raid is eight players long and contains many new mechanics you will need to master if you want some new loot. 

Relic gear is the most valuable. It can be made from materials that you gather from raids and can propel you over pre-existing gear score limits.

To take on Valtain, you must be at least item Level 1415. However, you still have a few weeks left to complete tier 3 content to reach that level.

Deskaluda Guardian Raid

Deskaluda is another piece of end-game content that will be added to Lost Ark in May! This fierce bird requires the same gear level as Valtan, 1415, and is a reliable source of relic-level accessories to help boost your character’s stats with appropriate engravings.

It might be second fiddle to Legion Raid due in large part because Valtan is our first Legion Raid on the Western version of Lost Ark. However, it will still be a critical barrier for exceptional players to overcome.

Quality of Life Updates

These are just a few of the handy quality-of-life updates that will help you enjoy Lost Ark more. These include:

  • Indicators of front and back attacks
  • New menu listing with weekly and daily content participation
  • Party invites and party finder improved
  • Convenience features to Market/Auction House
  • Randomly summon your favorite mounts
  • New hairstyles
  • Loot dismantling updated
  • General UI updates

This update looks great for players who have taken the time and effort to get to the top of the current content. 

The post shows that there is a substantial player base that warrants a drop like this. This indicates that the decision to concentrate on content that all players can use in order to gear up faster worked as planned.

It remains to be seen if we will see more updates like this in the future, packed full of end-game-challenging stuff like Legion Raids. Or a switch between universal updates and hardcore-focused updates. Let us know what you think about the May update!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lost Ark free?

Lost Ark can be downloaded for free. The game can be downloaded on Steam. Starter packs can be purchased on Amazon.com, granted via a Steam key, or directly from Steam.

Is Lost Ark available only on Steam?

Please, for the love and good of humanity, make Lost Ark available to play if you are Steam level 1 or higher.

Are you going to make Lost Ark mobile?

Lost Ark can now be played on your smartphone thanks to GeForce Now. GeForce Now is a game streaming service that lets you stream games to many devices, including Android and iOS smartphones.

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