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Bayonetta Three was a long wait. The last Bayonetta game was released in 2014. So we are well past the point where another sequel is due.

This action-packed series has a lot of fans. We’re getting a third instalment, but there aren’t many details. You can find all the details right here.

Bayonetta Three release date

In late 2017, Bayonetta Three was officially confirmed by The Game Awards. You can see the very brief teaser below.

After that, we heard almost nothing for four years. Then, a new trailer was shown during a Nintendo Direct to deliver the first gameplay. It confirmed that Bayonetta 3 would be out in 2022. However, we don’t know when.

Bayonetta Three platforms

Both trailers make it clear that Bayonetta Three will only be available on one platform – the Nintendo Switch.

Bayonetta 2 was only available on a handful of consoles, and it was re-released on Nintendo’s Switch on the Wii U.

It may be portable down the line. However, if you wish to play Bayonetta 3 at its launch, you’ll need a Switch.

Bayonetta 3 Trailers

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Bayonetta Three story

Bayonetta’s story has been a mess in two games. Time loops, time-travelling, and paranormal demons mixed in with crazy magical creatures and a war between eldritch Gods via their earthly followers or enemies.

We think that if you don’t have the previous two games, you will be able to jump into Bayonetta 3 almost without knowing anything beyond the fact that it is a world full of demons and warrior nuns who use their semi-sentient hairs to fight evil.

Bayonetta’s crazy storyline is not surprising, and it uses its camp and wild tone to tell dramatic stories where the story is secondary. We’re sure we’ll see more of it in the third instalment.

Interestingly, the second trailer ends with a mysterious, sword-wielding figure cutting away the date. This is a brand new character design for the series. Could this be Bayonetta’s new enemy?

Bayonetta Three gameplay

We got the second trailer for Bayonetta Three in late 2021. It is a longer video that shows us some gameplay snippets, and you can see the evolution of combat in this game.

Using kicks or jabs, you can combine ranged attacks with Bayonetta’s pistols and close-up attacks. This will allow you to unleash hair attacks that do more significant damage and torture enemies in a BDSM-inflected fashion.

Bayonetta appears to have more control than ever over the super-entities she summons. This fight looks almost like a kaiju, and you may be fighting for your life.

The visuals are very similar to Bayonetta 2, which isn’t surprising considering that the game was also released on the Switch.

However, we may get smoother performance because PlatinumGames has learned the hardware’s kinks for several years.

We will see a return to the excellent Witch Time dynamic. This allows you to enter slow motion when you do a dodge. The scale also looks more significant than ever, which is remarkable for a franchise like this.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Did Bayonetta Three get Cancelled?

A Nintendo financial report states that Bayonetta Three will still be released in 2022. The title’s information has been scarce since its initial announcement. A trailer featuring gameplay was released, however, providing more details.

Is Bayonetta Three Confirmed?

Nintendo confirmed this week in its financial report. It said that Bayonetta 3 will still be launched in 2022. Although the first announcement of the third installment in the series was made at the 2017 Game Awards, it would be many years before any gameplay footage was released.

Is Bayonetta sexualized?

Bayonetta was not created to challenge stereotypes or be a symbol of triumphant feminist gaming. Yes, Bayonetta and Bayonetta are both comically sexualized. Bayonetta was a positive example, even if it was shallow, of a female protagonist in video games.

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