Minecraft Axolotls – How to tame an axolotl in the Cliffs & Caves update

Minecraft Axolotls Information


Minecraft Axolotls are now available finally as one of three cute new creatures that were added to the game in the most recent Caves and Cliffs update.

We’re not going to blame you when you glanced at these adorable little critters and knew you needed one of your own.

which is why we’ve compiled all you must know about finding feeding, taming, and breeding Minecraft Axolotls.

Minecraft Axolotls

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Axolotls from Minecraft: Where do they are born

Axolotls from the real world have been observed on the open in 2 lakes of Mexico One of them has been wiped out. 

Therefore, even the Minecraft’s axolotl population is subject to certain restrictions on where they’ll breed be sure to rest in the fact that they’re far more easily to locate than they are in the real world.

Axolotls are only able to reproduce only under those conditions

They are only able to reproduce in water that is lower than Y-level. They are only able to reproduce in absolute light (Light Level 0).

Their spawning place must not be more than five blocks from a block that resembles a stone and must have an unfinished block over their spawning location.

Due to these restrictions, axolotl used to only be spawned in caves that were underground. But, in Cliffs and Caves, Part 2 Mojang altered their location. 

The new location is only axolotl within the Lush Caves, which lie under azalea trees

Can you tame axolotls in Minecraft?

In terms of technicality, it’s impossible to control Minecraft’s Axolotls. We’re disappointed, but we’ve seen it.

However, you can make them pursue you by holding the bucket filled with Tropical Fish (but not Tropical Fish items!) in your hands when you move closer to them. 

This will allow you to control the animals to a certain extent that you are able to take them to the location you prefer.

It is also possible to attach axolotls to leads or take them up from a Bucket of Water if you would like to take them to another location. 

Axolotls collected will not die which means you can acquire a pet by using this method. The ability to herd axolotls can be very beneficial in breeding them.

How do you breed axolotls Minecraft?

In order to breed axolotls, you must get two adults in the same area with any of the strategies mentioned in the previous paragraphs. 

Inviting them to eat their favorite food is the simplest and most effective method for accomplishing this.

The next step is to induce them into the mood of love by feeding them each a bucket of tropical fish.

When they are both engaged in Love Mode they will autonomously reproduce and give birth to a baby an axolotl.

The infant will be with its parents until they reach adulthood in about 20 minutes. However, If you’re really impatient.

you can cut down on the amount of time you spend by feeding your baby buckets filled with Tropical Fish. Oh, how fast they become!

Axolotl colors breeding rare blue Axolotl

Minecraft axolotls are available in five different colors.

The four primary colors are the lucy (pink) wild (brown) and gold (yellow) and Cyan (actually white with spots of aqua). 

In-game breeding offers an opportunity for the baby axolotl to take on the color patterns of one parent.

The next step would be to put them to get into the spirit of love by giving them an entire bucket of tropical fish.

If they’re both involved with each other Love Mode they will autonomously reproduce and bear an axolotl baby.

The baby will stay with their parents until they become adults in around 20 minutes. If you’re anxious.

you could reduce the time you’re spending feeding the baby buckets of Tropical Fish. Oh, how quickly they grow!

Axolotl colors breeding rare blue Axolotl

Minecraft Axolotls are offered in five shades.

There are four main colors: hues of lucy (pink) wild (brown) and gold (yellow) and Cyan (actually white with aqua-colored spots). 

In-game breeding provides the opportunity for the baby axolotls to take into consideration the color patterns of the parent.

If you’re a wimpy creature (or maybe just very awkward) and cause damage to your axolotl then it’s got an increased chance of dying dead instead of actually dying. 

This is also true when it suffers the brunt of the damage from other creatures (like those it’s always attacking without a reason).

When shamming, it’ll slowly rebuild its lost health over time and won’t be attacked by other creatures until it resumes normal behavior. 

This means that these adorable amphibians are extremely tough creatures.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can axolotls be tamed in Minecraft?

To be able to control An Axolotl in Minecraft players first feed it an Bucket of Tropical Fish. Additionally, players have the option to guide an Axolotl to a certain direction by walking towards it and holding the Bucket of Tropical Fish in their hands to draw it.

What is the most rare Axolotl found in Minecraft?

The most rare axolotls are blue Axolotls.
They have a spawning rate of just 0.083 percent, which is evident by their deep blue bodies, with purple markings on their fins and belly.

Does Minecraft actually include Axolotls?

Axolotls from Minecraft: Where do they breed
They are only able to reproduce in water, and below the Y-level of 53. They are only able to reproduce in absolute light (Light Level 0). Their spawning location has to lie within 5 blocks of a block that is stone-like and must have an unfinished block over their spawn point.

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