Final Fantasy 12 The Zodiac Age: the best jobs for each character

The Zodiac Age Introduction


The International Zodiac Age Job System does not have all the same characters. We now have the PC version. Let’s review their complexity. Final Fantasy 12 is all about customization. Any of the six main characters can fill any of the 12 job roles available.

In this context, jobs are equivalent to traditional RPG classes, which fit into a variety of different categories. As we have already noted, characters in Final Fantasy 12 are not all created equal. Some characters are better suited to certain classes.

Comparing to other systems in FF12, we’ve already covered on our tips webpage or how precise the process is . This actually breaks down quite easily.

There are clearly defined characters who are best for certain roles. However, looking at stats to determine which character should do what can be a bit tedious.

This page is designed to explain in a concise manner who should be given which job. There are many factors that will influence your decision.

One thing that cannot be stressed enough is that there is no wrong choice when it comes to choosing a job for any of FF12’s characters. 

These jobs (or classes in RPG terms) are flexible, as are the characters. While some characters are naturally drawn to certain types of weapons and gear.

these can easily be overcome by the right equipment and skill combination (license). We do have recommendations based on character skills.

The Zodiac Age

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How party member character changes can impact what job is best for them?

This topic is well-covered on our tips page. But before we get into specific characters and their best job options, let’s review a few things that will generally affect your decisions.

Vaan and Balthier are better with combo-heavy weapon that utilize the game’s combination mechanic. 

This is true for classes such as the Bushi Shikari, Uhlan and Uhlan. They are also the best characters to give the powerful Genji Gear armor later in the game.

Ashe or Penelo would make the best mage candidates. It doesn’t matter which of the two you choose to give what mage role, but these are the two with the best overall magic stats. 

Ashe can also use a sword well, so she is a battlemage type. Fran and Vaan don’t excel at in any particular area, but Vaan is particularly good at a lot of things.

These are the strengths and weaknesses of FF12, but as we said earlier, it is also important to remember that FF12 can easily be manipulated with the right gear or setup. 

This can sometimes be used to increase the power of characters.

Penelo is a great example: although she lacks the physical strength, she is extremely fast. She is not a good choice as a physical offensive class.

this can make her an excellent choice later in the game. Her incredible speed and ability to combine with attacks makes her a great choice.

This guide will focus on our recommendations. We assume you won’t go into detail about character builds.

Instead, we will base our picks on the base stats and not any gaming from FF12 The Zodiac Age. Let’s now get to the details of which characters we recommend for each Zodiac Age job.

Each character’s best job in FF12: The Zodiac Age

Before we dive into the details, our one and only piece of advice is there are no wrong or right choices. 

FF12 has enough diversity that you can find a job that suits you. So, go with what you like and what will make you have the best combat experience.

Keep in mind, however, that these are only suggestions for your first job. Your second job for any character should be devoted to improving your first.

This is actually a per job basis, not a per character basis. We’ll briefly summarize the weapons that each job can use and provide some suggestions for characters that would be able to fill that role.


Basch and Fran, which are focused on ranged damage and have access to enemy stats that lower ‘break’ moves can be used in this role.

Black Mage

Ashe is an offensive magician, and Penelo is also a great pick.


The Bushi class, also known as Samurai uses katana weapons to calculate their damage output. They use both magic and strength stats to deal with physical damage. 

This role is ideal for Vaan because it combines both strength and magic stats to achieve a balanced effect.


This tank-style class, also known as Breaker is perfect for Balthier and Basch. It can absorb damage and is also a great fit for Balthier and Basch. They can also equip genji equipment.


The Knight, your basic offensive class, is an ideal fit for Vaan or Basch, Balthier or Balthier.


This class uses guns to keep their range but has easy access to Technicks. It makes for great support. Fran and Vaan make a great fit, although Vaan’s talents might not be fully utilized in this role. However, it is a role that can be done pretty well by everyone.


This job is a classic martial artist class that uses fists. It also includes healing skills. This job is ideal for Vaan and Basch who combine decent magic and strength stats.

Red Battlemage

This role is best for Penelo and Ashe.


This offensive, ninja-like class can tank and is ideal for Vaan or Balthier. Penelo will struggle in this role initially but then become a leader later.

Time Battlemage

Another support class that uses a lot support spells. This class is much better than a secondary one, but it works well with Ashe, Vaan, and Penelo as primary classes.


Uhlan is the king of physical support in FF12. He uses spears to keep his distance and debuff enemies. Fran loves this role.

White Mage

As with all magic-driven classes this healer should be dedicated to Ashe and Penelo. However, Vaan or Balthier could also be a good choice for this job.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Final Fantasy 12’s zodiac age a remake of Final Fantasy?

Final Fantasy XII – The Zodiac Age is a remaster from Final Fantasy XII which the US has never received. The Zodiac Age was released July 11.

What was the zodiac age?

The Zodiac Age supports surround sound in 7.1 channels and has better sound quality. The soundtrack has been remastered and eight new songs were added to the game.

Is FF12 Zodiac age turn-based?

Square Enix fans of both traditional and modern Square Enix RPGs, will love Final Fantasy XII’s mix of turn-based combat and real-time battle: ATB gauges (or Cooldowns) from older games are a welcome return. They add urgency to attack inputs and party positioning.

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