Valheim fishing | Where to buy supplies, how to catch fish, and more?

Valheim fishing Introduction


Valheim Fishing can be one of the most peaceful activities in Valheim. It can be relaxing to just sit by the water and enjoy the beauty of the world while you explore dangerous territories or take on bosses three times as big as you.

Fishing serves a practical purpose, too. Some of the most delicious recipes in the game are made with fish. It’s worth the effort to get a few fish every now and again. It’s a great way to get a little bit of relaxation.

Valheim: Where can I buy fishing supplies?

You can’t make fishing rods in Valheim. You can instead buy one from Huldor the Merchant. Fish bait is also required. The fishing rod can be purchased for 350 gold. This is also available from Haldor at a very affordable price of 10 Gold for 50 pieces.

It seems odd that you can’t make your own fishing gear in Valheim, especially considering how many players have struggled to find Haldor’s camp in Valheim’s vast, procedurally generated map.

It’s possible, however, that this mechanic will be more flexible in the future, as the game is still in Early Access.

Valheim fishing

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How and where to catch fish in Valheim?

You can catch fish in rivers or in in the Ocean biome. They should be visible from the shore or your vessel so choose a spot close to a well-populated area and start fishing.

Make sure you have your fish bait and fishing rod in your inventory. Hold the Left Mouse Button, and then let go. Cast time will increase the longer you keep it on.

Every cast of fish bait results in one piece of fish bait, regardless of whether or not you catch anything.

A fishing bobber, in time-honored video game tradition will stay on the surface of the water until a fish catches it. The bobber will then drop to the bottom of the water.

To hook the fish, click and hold the Left Mouse Button , then reel it in by pressing and holding the Right Mouse Buttons . As long as the fish remains on your line, an on-screen prompt will inform you that it is “hooked”.

Reeling can quickly drain your stamina. It is better to cast short casts than longer ones, as you risk running out of stamina or the fish fleeing. Before you go fishing, it’s worth having a meal that boosts your stamina.

You have the option of picking up the fish once it is close enough. This is a good idea, as it will drain your stamina. Once you have the fish in your inventory it will be converted automatically into raw fish.

Fishing without a rod is possible

It is possible to catch fish by hand if you really struggle to find Haldor or resent his monopoly on fishing supplies in Valheim.

You will need to plunge into the water in order to do this. Nearby fish will startle and disperse. However, if you remain still long enough, they will approach you again. To catch one, press ‘E.’

This method is less reliable and takes more time than fishing with a rod. It’s still a viable option if you don’t have Haldor or are running out of fish bait.

Valheim has many types of fish

Three types of fish are found in Valheim. They look different based on real-world fish. However, in practice they are the same except for the amount of raw fish they drop.

  • Small fish (perch) drop 1 raw fish
  • Medium fish (pike) drop 2 raw fish
  • Large fish (tuna) drop 4 raw fish

All fish have 1 HP, 0 damage. They are not likely to fight.

Once a fish has been caught, it becomes a generic raw fish resource. The raw fish are the same quality.

The faster a fish moves, the larger it is. Particularly tuna can be found farther from the shore. If you do not have enough fish bait.

it is better to concentrate on small and medium-sized fish. This will not only drain your bait stock faster but it will also give you more fish for your time and effort.

What do you do with the Valheim fish?

Raw fish can be used in several recipes. They are a crucial component of fish wraps which is one the most popular late-game recipes. 

Particularly, fish-based recipes can give you an extra boost in stamina. Ironically, this means that you can have a few fish dishes before you set out on your fishing trip.

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Valheim fishing FAQ

Is fishing possible in Valheim?

You’ve just bought a fishing rod and bait from Haldor, the Merchant. Now you want to know how you can fish your own food. To begin fishing in Valheim, you need to find a river or ocean that is populated with fish.

What type of fish is Valheim capable of catching?

Types Of Fish In Valheim
Perch – This fish will give one raw fish per catch . Medium Pike: This fish will give two raw fish per catch. Large Tuna – This fish will provide you with four raw fish per catch.

When is Valheim possible to fish?

Find Haldor to learn how to fish Valheim. You can only get a fishing rod or bait from the shop of an entrepreneurial gnome to start fishing in the Viking afterlife. It will be difficult to find Valheim’s shop.

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