How to beat the Regal Ancestor Spirit in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Regal Ancestor Spirit


One of the easiest ways to earn a Remembrance is through the Elden Ring Regal Ancestor Spirit boss fight.

This is basically an upgraded version of the fight against regular Ancestor Spirits in Siofra River. However, it has one key difference: the one that heals itself can heal itself. 

The ending you get depends on how you defeat the boss, but you will receive thousands of Runes as well as unique abilities.

When is the best time to fight the Regal Ancestor Spirit of Elden Ring?

The Regal Ancestor Spirit, an optional boss, offers a Remembrance. The Regal Ancestor Spirit is a legendary foe that has fewer health and has a smaller movepool than Malenia. 

The Regal Spirit can be found in the Northern Hallowhorn Grounds. It is only accessible after defeating Radahn. 

must descend into Nokron or Eternal City. Similar to the regular Ancestor Spirit you will need to light eight braziers before the boss arena appears.

You should be able handle the battle if your level is at least 60. Given the difficulties faced in reaching the northern Hallowhorn Grounds and the difficulty of the fight.

this should not be a problem. This fight is more about your weapon level. To help the Spirit reduce its power, we recommend using a weapon at least level 12.

Elden Ring Regal Ancestor Spirit

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How to make it easier for the Regal Ancestor Spirit to fight?

The Regal Ancestor Spirit is just as vulnerable and resistant to attacks as the non-regal. It is almost impossible to inflict any status ailments.

the boss is weak to fire, holy and all kinds of physical attacks. To infuse weapons with holy or fire, the Melee class can use grease to do a little more damage.

Faith-oriented classes should use high-level Incantations such as Frenzied Burst and the Dragon Incantations to deal severe damage at crucial moments. 

You can cast Flame Sling in about the same time as it takes for Spirit to attack you. So you have to be careful when you choose your moments. 

Frenzied Burst, which has a greater range than other Incantations and Sorceries and allows you to stay out of the way almost throughout the battle is an excellent choice.

It’s a little easier to use sorcery thanks to spells like Stars of Ruin or Loretta’s Greatbow, which cast faster and track the target more accurately.

To make the fight easier for magic builders, you might consider using a weapon such as the Sword of Night and Flame, Moonveil Katana or Moonveil Katana. 

Even the most powerful spells can be cast. However, even with Radagon’s Icon it slows down the fight and makes you more vulnerable.

How to defeat the Regal Ancestor Spirit of Elden Ring?

The Regal Ancestor Spirit has only one phase. However, they begin adding healing skill when their HP is approximately 75 percent. 

Most often, the Spirit relies on its spirit flame and jump attacks. The spirit jumps by riding into the air and jumping twice before falling down. 

causing extensive damage. Avoid running away from the crash and instead, move forward. You have a few seconds to strike, as the Spirit remains immobile for a few seconds.

They also inhale a plume of spectral fire. This is sometimes sprayed on the ground but more often when they walk on air and emit it. 

This will prevent you from being ejected and can damage you multiple times. You can also stay in the middle of the semicircle if you feel brave. This will allow you to launch some attacks once the Spirit has returned to the ground.

If you stay close to the Spirit, it will use a 2-hit combo in which it swings its head towards the side. There is a slight delay between the first strike and the second strike so make sure to time your dodges well. 

You may be headbutted by it. If you are behind it, the Spirit might kick at you. These attacks are quicker and will leave you with no chance of countering. So dodge it and wait for the next opportunity.

The Spirit may launch a variety of attacks when it glows. The first is a headbutt that is flame-infused, while the second is a bizarre hopping attack. 

The Spirit stands on its back legs, hops around several times and deals heavy damage to a small area every time it lands. If you want to take advantage of each attack, you can land one or two hits before the Spirit stops attacking.

The Spirit will absorb the souls and restore their health with the third move. You should take this opportunity to attack the Spirit as often as possible, as it is vulnerable during the move and for a few seconds afterwards.

The final maneuver is the evasive one. The Spirit is dissolved into dust and repositioned somewhere else in the arena. Usually, it’s at the opposite end of where it fell. This is often followed by healing, which you can’t really combat so far away.

After you have laid to rest the Regal Ancestor Spirit, you will earn 24,000 Runes as well as the Remembrance the Regal Ancestor. You can either give the Remembrance of the Regal Ancestor Spirit to Enia to purchase the Winged Greathorn.

Ancestor Spirit’s Horn or use it to get another 30,000 Runes. You can duplicate the Remembrance by using one of the Walking Mausoleums found in the Mausoleum Compound, Liurnia of the Lakes.

This will allow you to purchase the item that you missed the first time. These are the only Remembrances that work with non demigod Remembrances. You can find more information about The Lands Between by looking at our Elden Ring guide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find Elden Ring, the royal ancestor spirit?

Regal Ancestor Spirit is similar to the Ancestor Spirit of Siofra River and is a Boss within Elden Ring that’s a huge animating deer carcass. This boss can be found in Eternal City’s Nokron. It has greater abilities than its counterpart.

What should I do with the regal ancestor remembrance information?

The consumable Elden Ring tool Remembrance is the Regal Ancestor. You can either use it by hand to gain 30000 Runes or give it to Finger Reader Enia to exchange for the Ancestral Spirit’s Horn or Winged Greathorn.

Where is the spirit of the ancestor?

The Ancestor Spirit can be found halfway through the last section of the Siofra River. After lighting all 8 fire obelisks in the area, he will interact with the corpse the Hallowed Spirit. One of the pillars leading to the boss arena is lit up when you light a fire obelisk.

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