Genshin Impact best Ningguang build, weapons, and Ningguang F2P options

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The Ningguang Rerun is now live, and the top Genshin Influence best Ningguang build makes her an imposing warrior in battle.

Ningguang is a multifaceted character that can play attacks, defences, and support roles. However, our guide explains how to make the most value from her capabilities.

Ningguang also comes with an updated outfit available for purchase in Lantern Rite. Lantern Rite event.

When will when the Genshin Impact Ningguang be rerun?

Ningguang has appeared multiple times since her initial release, and the most recent rerun was an element of the 2.4 updates.

She appears in the banner of Shenhe, the banner of Xiao and Yun Jin, and Chongyun, and both are available through January 25.

best Ningguang build

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Is Ningguang an DPS character?

She’s mainly used as a support DPS with an excellent performance in all roles. Ningguang’s normal attack produces Star Jade fragments combined to cause additional damage.

The Elemental Skill creates a Geo screen that increases her Geo damage, and it explodes when Ningguang’s burst is activated to inflict more damage when you go through it.

The quantity of Geo floating around Ningguang’s attacks makes her perfect for shields. The only issue is the speed of attack, which is relatively slow compared with other catalysts, like Yanfei.

What are the Ningguang materials?

Ningguang uses Glaze Lily and Insignia items as well as Basalt Pillars from the Geo Hypostasis. Her materials for talent include Insignia items and Prosperity books, including one exception.

In higher levels, you’ll require the Spirit Locket of Boreas that you obtained by beating Boreal Wolf, the Boreal Wolf boss in Mondstadt.

What is the top Genshin Impact Ningguang build?

The slower speed of Ningguang means that you should maximize her Geo and attack to compensate for her slowness.

What is the most effective Ningguang weapon?

The Memory of Dust is perfect for Ningguang If you own it. It’s one of the most potent catalysts, boasting an attack base of 46. Its secondary stat boosts attack more.

with a boost of reaching 49% at the top of the level. The passive skill of Memory of Dust can be described as Golden Majesty, which increases the strength of your shield and gives you a slight boost to the attack power for every attack.

And Song. Wine and Song is an excellent alternative, and it’s a little less than the other versions and gives Ningguang an energy recharge boost. The passive skill, Ever-Changing, boosts attack by 20 per cent for five seconds following the user has a sprint.

What are the top Ningguang Artifacts?

Because Ningguang can deal Geo the damage of every move, Archaic Petra is a perfect match for her.

2-piece effect two-piece effect: It increases Geo the damage by up to 15 15%

There are several options for your next set. In Ningguang’s case, the Jade Screen skill scales are based on her HP.

So if you’re looking to keep it going for a more extended period, we suggest the two-piece Adventurer set that increases your HP to 1,000.

In other cases, the 2-piece Brave Heart, Shimenawa’s Reminiscence or Gladiator’s Finale is a good choice as they all increase attack by an additional 18 per cent.

In the end, you can ignore Geo and opt instead for the four-piece Retracing Bolide set. The two-piece effect increases the strength of shields by 35 per cent

Four-piece effect: When protected by a shield, attack on the user’s routine and charges increase by 40%.

What is the most effective Ningguang F2P design?

Ningguang’s F2P build places a greater emphasis on support without sacrificing any DPS potential.

The most effective Ningguang F2P weapon

We suggest Prototype Amber for this build. Its secondary stat is an increase in HP and improves it in the Jade Screen.

Gilding, the passive ability, can restore an energy level of 4-6 every two seconds (six seconds in total) following the release of an Elemental burst.

The remainder of the group recovers four to six per cent HP every 2 seconds.

It’s not as heavy as the Ningguang’s Skill and Burst but offers a broader range of advantages to the entire party.

What are the top Ningguang F2P artifacts?

Archaic Petra can increase the Ningguang’s damage from bursts. We suggest using it in conjunction together with Noblesse Oblige.

2-piece affect two pieces of effect: Increase damage from Elemental Burst by 20 per cent

What is the most effective Ningguang party competition?

Ningguang should be able to have a second Geo character that can trigger this Protective Canopy Resonance effect.

It increases the strength of shields by 15% and provides an increase of 15% on all damage when the character is shielded.

Albedo could be a great choice because he could also serve as a primary DPS, but Gorou and Itto are both excellent alternatives.

It’s recommended to include two additional elements to increase the shield’s coverage. We suggest Pyro and Hydro trigger the Vaporize reaction to cause more damage.

Bennett is a well-known choice because he has AoE attacks, and however, any Pyro character can do the job.

Xiangqi is an excellent Hydro choice due to his Rain Swords Burst and the continual damage it causes.

When you’ve got your celebration organized, take a walk along the sea and explore the most recent area of Genshin Impact, Enkanomiya.

The underwater area requires some effort to unlock. However, there’s plenty to be discovered and additional islands in addition to the one that was the first, secret books, and crucial symbols.

If you’re still in the middle about Ningguang, but you’re not sure, save your Primogems for the future in the coming Genshin Impact banners.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ideal setting for Ningguang?

Because Ningguang can deal Geo the damage of every strike, Archaic Petra is a perfect match for her. There are several options for the upcoming 2-piece set. In Ningguang’s case, the Jade Screen skill scales based on her HP. If you’re hoping to keep that running for longer, we suggest the two-piece set of Adventurers that increases your HP up to 1,000.

Are Ningguang a great DPS?

The game Genshin Impact, Ningguang is the best DPS player. Our guide lists the top weapons and artifacts that can be used by the four-star geo character as well as details on each item you’ll require to attain ascension level six.

Is Ningguang worth building?

Are Ningguang Constellations Worth It In Genshin Impact? It’s difficult to believe the character of a 4-star is able to compete with the 5-stars however Ningguang is. Her Constellations significantly boost her damage to the point that C6 Ningguang is able to match C0 5-stars. With only a few minutes of period of field, she could transform into the perfect Sub-DPS.

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